Şoarece Superheavy MBT

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Şoarece Superheavy MBT
Production information
Manufacturer Earthwerks-FWL Inc., Keystone
Production Year 2881[1]
Mission Main Battle Tank
Type Tracked
Technical specifications
Mass 175 tons
Armor Standard Armor
Engine Fuel Cell
Speed 33 kph km/h

1x AC/20
1x AC/10
1x AC/2
1x Machine Gun

BV (2.0) 2,285[2]


The Şoarece is an experimental Super Heavy Combat Vehicle which was produced for the Free Worlds League in the early decades of the Third Succession War. The design was commissioned by then Captain-General Philippa Marik in 2881, it was envisioned as a low-cost but highly survivable design that could combat BattleMechs and fill the League's thinning defensive lines. It would be two decades until the final design would be revealed in 2904, where numerous redesigns made it into a mammoth of a tank. The Şoarece was put into limited production, but the Keystone factory had only produced just over a hundred units when the League captured Shiro III and Grumman Amalgamated's Ontos Heavy Tank factory located there. With the Ontos being a smaller and ultimately far superior combat vehicle, the demand for the slow and ponderous Şoarece dropped and production was cancelled few years later.[3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Designed originally as a heavy-hitting armored vehicle, the Şoarece sports three classes of Autocannon for its principal firepower. All three autocannons are mounted in the turret. The Smoothie-2 Light Autocannon serves as anti-aircraft; with other, larger Class 10 and 20 Autocannons serving as the tank's offensive punch. All three cannons have generous amounts of ammunition, which allows the tank to stay active on the field in a prolonged fight. It also has a front-mounted Machine Gun to serve as its principal anti-infantry weapon.

For economic reasons, the tank's power plant is a 350 Rated Fuel Cell engine, which propels the mammoth weighted tank at maximum of 30 kph. Slow weight is practically due to the vehicle's hull being protected by 40.5 tons of Standard armor.[4]


  • Soarecar 
    An early prototype of the Şoarece (and the original project name before it was renamed to Şoarece—"mouse"—as a pun by the engineers), this mundane vehicle had very heavy armor but only a pair of Class 5 autocannons as its weapons. The Soarecar was judged underarmed by the LCCC, heralding a development cycle of two decades that ultimately resulted in the 175-ton Şoarece.

Design Notes[edit]

The Şoarece features following Design Quirks:

It also features limited amphibious equipment.


  • The original Soarecar, named in honor of Helios' chariot, was reportedly renamed Şoarece (mouse) as a pun by the Romanian-speaking engineers when repeated revisions of the design made it ever heavier. However, as of 2988 Romanian was described as a dead language, lost to living tongues, "less than a century after the accords established English as the Free Worlds League's official language".[5]
  • As of this time, Record Sheet for this vehicle maybe only found in XTRO: Succession Wars, Volume 1. The prototype Soarecar only has limited stat information available.


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