Production information
Manufacturer Unknown
Tech Base Clan (Advanced) (Society)[1]
Introduced 3072
Technical specifications
Mass 15 tons
Chassis SPT/15
Armor Proto-Type 4
Engine 75 Fusion
Communications System Proto-Type 4
Targeting Tracking System SAT-PM1
Speed 54 km/h
Jump Jets X5 Series Extended Jump Jets

4 x LRM-5

BV (2.0) 589[2][3]


The Sprite Ultraheavy ProtoMech was created by The Society to act as a fire support platform. While coupled with the Boggart, the Sprite would rain down long range fire on enemy units, allowing the Boggart to get closer and inflict more damage. The five Extended Jump Jets mounted on the unit allow the Sprite to keep up with its lighter partner. One very valuable feature of the Sprite is its heavy armor. The ProtoMech can survive an Autocannon/20 hit to the torso.

With the heavy armor, the Sprite was most frequently used by the Society's most experienced ProtoMech pilots. This kept them well protected, but the Sprite's low top speed and limited ammunition meant that these warriors had to choose their targets carefully or risk running out of ammunition at a critical time.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

As a fire support unit, the Sprite carries a quartet of LRM-5 launchers. The torso-mounted launchers cover the front arc very well, while the arm mounted launchers provide a wider field of fire. Each launcher is equipped with twelve reloads, but in heavy combat this can quickly run out and leave the Sprite defenseless.


  • Sprite 2 
    This Sprite variant removes the LRM launchers and replaces them with a Light TAG and a single ER Large Laser. The maximum jump radius has been reduced to 90 meters.[4] BV(2.0)=590[5]
  • Sprite 3 
    The Sprite 3 removes the LRM launchers. In their place are two Fusillade missile systems, one located on each side torsos. The main sustain fire of the Protomech is found in the arms, with two Medium Chemical Lasers one in each arm with 15 rounds of fire. The jumping performance, ground speed, and armor protection of the Sprite 3 is identical to the standard Sprite.[6][7] BV(2.0)=420(old)http://masterunitlist.info/Unit/Details/5637/sprite-ultraheavy-protomech-3 MUL Profile for Superheavy 3 Variant of the Sprite. BV2 is of the old version of this Mech.</ref>


Errata: The Sprite's variants were constructed with some flaws that broke newly formed construction rules for Ultraheavy ProtoMechs in the game. Sprite 2 was 500kg overweight, which would be subject possible removal of the Light Tag. Sprite 3 was further redesigned via Developer Level Errata. The design original mounted 4 Fusillades verses two it has now. The two launchers weighted 1.5 tons, which was too heavy to be arm mounted weapons on any ProtoMech, including Ultraheavy ProtoMechs. The additional firepower would increase longevity of variant, give it more powerful punch.[8]

As of this writing, variant errata changes for the Sprite 2 and 3 have not been published in a update record sheet. The current as of this writing, shows the MUL Profile stats are for this design's variants are originally published design's features prior to the Errata being issued.