Steel Brothers

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Steel Brothers
Unit Profile (as of unknown)
CO Major Steel
JumpShips unknown
DropShips Yes
Aerospace unknown
Armor unknown
Infantry unknown
Unit Disposition - unknown
Company Shiro III -


The Steel Brothers were a small mercenary unit from the Magistracy of Canopus. They had a falling-out with their employer, the Duchy of Andurien, fled the Duchy and were nearly destroyed by pursuing elements of the 5th Defenders of Andurien. They re-united with their pursuers to jointly fight off an attack by House Liao, but were decimated in the fight.

Organization and equipment[edit]

Led by one Major Steel, the unit was described as a company at one point, but was possibly smaller than a company (twelve BattleMechs) given that they are implied to have travelled aboard two Leopard-class DropShips.

The unit's known 'Mechs include

All of these 'Mechs were heavily damaged or destroyed (see History below). Of the combined House Marik and mercenary forces, only a single unspecified 'Mech remained standing.


At an unspecified point in time, implied to be sometime in the late Succession Wars era (prior to the Duchy of Andurien's secession from the Free Worlds League after the Fourth Succession War and implicitly also prior to the signing of the Concord of Kapteyn), the Steel Brothers were employed by the Duchy of Andurien for border security and special operations, where they saw combat against pirate forces at least once.

The Capellan Confederation attacked Shiro III and a Capellan command lance was destroyed in a fierce battle, downing a Cyclops. To retrieve its communication module (possibly referring to a Collapsible Command Module), Steel Brothers MechWarrior Hernando Garcia was sent out in his Hunchback during a night mission. Coincidentially, Hernando's estranged brother Leon had been sent on a simillar mission independently in his Trebuchet by the 5th Defenders of Andurien. Hernando prevailed and secured the module for his mercenary unit, which caused a falling-out with his brother and caused considerable friction between the 5th Defenders of Andurien and the Steel Brothers. The Andurians accused the mercenaries of having stolen salvage rightfully belonging to House Marik by force of arms.

The falling-out with the Andurien regiment prompted the Steel Brothers to terminate their contracts, pack up and leave for home. They were pursued by a company of the Andurians including Leon Garcia and brought to battle on Cursa, where only three 'Mechs on each side returned to their respective DropShips after earthquakes and erupting lava had cut short their duel.

A second battle then occurred on another (unspecified) world near the Magistracy. This time, the combattants were jumped by six Capellan Confederation 'Mechs who had been following them from Shiro III and hoped to vanquish them while they were fighting each other. Hernando Garcia saved his brother's life by ramming a Capellan Cyclops, thus rallying the Andurien and mercenary defenders against the Capellan attackers. The Capellans were defeated, though only one defending 'Mech remained standing.

Over their victory over the Capellans the Steel Brothers and the company from the 5th Defenders of Andurien made peace and returned together aboard two Leopard-class DropShips.


The Steel Brothers feature in the offical German promotional scenario pack Bruderkampf. This source, while an official BattleTech product, nevertheless does not meet the current criteria for canon because it was only published in German so far. As such, its content is deemed apocryphal.