Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Kirishima


The Takashi was a Kirishima-class cruiser being constructed by the Draconis Combine in the Togura system in the late 3050s; by the end of 3058 the Takashi had been effectively combat-ready for some time, but the DCMS had decided to deliberately slow down the Takashi's production to keep public interest in the WarShip production program high.[1]

By 3067 the Takashi had been on active service for some time along with two sister-ships of the same class, the DCS Siriwan and DCS Urizen II; [2] A fourth ship of the class, the DCS Shiro, had already been lost in action, fighting against Clan Smoke Jaguar forces during Operation BULLDOG.[3]

By 3078 the Takashi was the last ship of her class still in service;[4] one of four WarShips assigned to support Kanrei Kiyomori Minamoto as a part of the Combine's contribution to Operation SCOUR, serving alongside the Kyushu-class frigates DCS Dieron Star and DCS Victory at Wolcott and the Tatsumaki-class destroyer DCS The Lair of Mighty Wyrms.[5]

The Takashi served as a part of Task Force EARTHBOUND, the naval flotilla assigned to secure aerospace superiority above Terra to allow the allied coalition forces to land.[6] The battle to secure Terra saw both the Takashi and the Victory at Wolcott destroyed in action.[7]


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