Kiyomori Minamoto

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Warlord Kiyomori Minamoto

Kiyomori Minamoto (b. 3022 - d. 11 January 3102[1]) was an officer in the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery who became the Gunji no Kanrei (Deputy for Military Affairs) during the Jihad. He had a reputation as a traditionalist samurai warrior who strictly adhered to bushido. He resisted the "new bushido" of Coordinator Theodore Kurita.

Character History[edit]

Minamoto began his military career under the reign of Coordinator Takashi Kurita, where he learned to abide by the traditional ways of the samurai. He became a model soldier who eventually gained command of the Seventh Sword of Light just before the Clan Invasion. As Tai-sa of the 7th Sword, he was instrumental in rebuilding the unit after the Clan invasion of Luthien. He politely refused promotion beyond the command of the 7th Sword.

He felt the 7th Sword of Light was the keeper of Draconis Combine tradition and culture. He showed his resolve to keep traditions alive by pushing his warriors of the 7th to live their lives on and off the battlefield in the tradition of bushido.[2]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

In 3059, Tai-sa Minamoto led the 7th Sword of Light in the defense of Pesht. Elements of Clan Smoke Jaguar's Delta Galaxy counter-attacked in response to Operation Bulldog's invasion of their occupation zone.[3]

Combine-Ghost Bear War[edit]

When the Alshain Avengers triggered the Combine-Ghost Bear War in 3062, Minamoto's unit was stationed on Turtle Bay when Clan Ghost Bear attacked forces on nearby Idlewind. Minamoto's forces arrived too late to assist the 9th Pesht Regulars. Minamoto kept the enemy forces occupied and contained on Idlewind until the end of the war in 3063.[4]


Coordinator Theodore Kurita met with Minamoto try to convince his unit to change to the New Bushido philosophy he had instilled in many other DCMS regiments. At their meeting, the Coordinator was impressed with the Tai-sa's keen mind and stance on traditionalism. In 3066, the coordinator promoted Minamoto to Tai-shu, making Minamoto a personal aide to Kurita.[5]

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Jihad and Black Dragons Coup[edit]

At the breakout of the Jihad and Black Dragon's coup, Tai-shu Minamoto was touring the Galedon District of the Combine, while the Coordinator had traveled to Tharkad for the Star League Conference in 3067. Things got complicated when Minamoto received news that Theodore's son and heir Hohiro Kurita was leading the attack to re-take Dieron from Word of Blake forces in April, but later was captured in June.[6]

Kiyomori Minamoto Portrait from 3075

In August 3068, with word that the Coordinator had fallen ill, Minamoto declared himself Gunji-no-Kanrei and took control of the Draconis Combine.[7] until Hohiro Kurita could be rescued from his Blakist captives on Dieron. Minamoto made his headquarters aboard the Kyushu Class Frigate, DCS Dieron Star.

In November 3068, Kanrei Minamoto announced to the people of the Combine that he had issued General Order 9. The order shifted the capital of the Draconis Combine to New Samarkand. He told the people that he made this decision on his own, due to the illness of the Coordinator and the heir being occupied with the siege of Dieron. The announcement was made from his flagship.[8] In the message, he did not reveal the truth about the death of the Coordinator nor Hohiro being captured by the Blakists. He also issued orders to DCMS commands to destroy Greenburg's Godzillas and Camacho's Caballeros for deserting their contracts.[9]

In 3071, Gunji-no-Kanrei Kiyomori Minamoto tried to appeal to the Azami people to return to their duty to the Dragon.[10] Later the Kirishima Class Cruiser DCS Siriwan arrived in orbit of Algedi. They then issued an ultimatum, citing that it was from Kanrei Minamoto. It was later discovered that the WarShip was being influenced by the Black Dragons.

In March of 3072, Minamoto issued a national message, warning the Combine's people that there were traitors among them, including renegade troops controlling WarShips and attacking people in Combine's name. The message warned these soldiers that if they did not comply that they would be declared ronin and threatened to take action against them.[11]

Minamoto's promise of aid to the devastated world of Shinonoi on 1 August 3075 was a different response than that given when Arkab had been struck by an asteroid earlier in the Jihad; Shinonoi was promised aid by Minamoto and Devlin Stone less than three weeks after Shinonoi had been struck by asteroid SH01378-A, a decision that provoked outcry from Arkab leaders.[12][13]

In December 3076 General Belle Lee of the allied coalition announced that Minamoto had been asked to serve as leader of the coalition forces due to begin operating on the Combine front of Operation SCOUR. In contrast to the other coalition forces, the second-in-command to Minamoto was also a member of the DCMS; Tai-shu Isoroku Kurita was selected, having recovered from injuries sustained in the campaign for Pesht. Minamoto's forces would include not only noted DCMS units, but also such units as the Second Davion Guards from the AFFS and Clan Wolf's Iota Galaxy, as well as four[14] of the seven surviving Draconis Combine Admiralty WarShips.[15]

The relationship between Minamoto and General Lee was not smooth, however; the DCMS attempted to redeploy the New Samarkand Militia along with the Toguran Military Garrison to the recently liberated worlds of Deneb Algedi and Telos IV in March 3077. Contradicting Minamoto's orders, the allied coalition rerouted these forces to garrison two newly-freed worlds on the Free Worlds League front and assigned militia forces from the Federated Suns in their place. This was an act that drew protests from Minamoto to General Lee.[14]

The Second Combine-Dominion War and Death[edit]

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Shortly after the Second Combine-Dominion War, Minamoto was summoned to a private audience with Hohiro Kurita. An hour later the Coordinator proclaimed that Minamoto had committed seppuku.


Minamoto's political inclinations have been the subject of some speculation; intelligence reports prepared for the leadership of the Republic of the Sphere reported that there were a number of indications that Minamoto may actually be a member of the Black Dragon Society, and that the purges he directed against the organization merely removed expendable members while allowing those of importance to escape.[16]


Preceded by
Tomoe Sakade
Warlord of the Pesht Military District

Succeeded by
Preceded by

Succeeded by
Matsuhari Toranaga[17]


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