Tharkan Media Associates

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Tharkan Media Associates is one of the largest producers of music, print and video entertainment in the Lyran realm, best known for its ownership of the Tharkad Broadcasting Corporation.[1][2] [3]

Company Profile[edit]

Commonwealth Stock Exchange Symbol: ThaMeS[3]

Home Office: Tropicana, Tharkad [1] [2] [3]

President/CEO: Darren Hussfield (Circa 3067)[3]


Based on Tharkad's Tatyana tropical island chain, TMA is known for high-quality news and entertainment programming in both print and electronic formats released under a number of labels. Historically a staunch supporter of the Archon and the Steiner family, the company's strict standards of excellence and professionalism meant that unlike Alliance Press, TMA remained one of the more reliable and truth sources of information even during the dark days of the FedCom Civil War. [1] [2] [3]

The company's publishing arm is known the high quality of its print and digital chip novels, including books by Grafina Gerbert, one of the Commonwealth's most celebrated novelists, and the techno-thrillers of Mason Greenburg. Aside from fiction, TMA produces a wide range of historical text, documentaries, tourist guidebooks, how-to guides as well as monthly magazine digests on almost topic imaginable, ensuring that every bookshelf in the Lyran realm contains a few volumes and series from the company and its affiliates. [1] [2]

Tharkad Broadcasting Corporation[edit]

TMA's largest subsidiary, the Tharkad Broadcasting Corporation offers a sizable line of live-action and animated holovid shows for its customers, as well as well regarded daily news program that covers events in both inside and external to the Lyran realm. Much of TBCs programming is also exported to networks in the Draconis Combine, Free Worlds League, Federated Suns and Free Rasalhague Republic, though with episodes sometimes a year behind their Lyran initial broadcast. [1] [2] [3]

TBC's most notable programming includes "The Steinhearts", a immensely popular and barely fictionalized soap opera based on the history of the Steiner Family, and "Rememberence", a historical drama set during the initial Clan Invasion. [1] [2]


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