V Corps (Taurian Concordat)

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V Corps
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Unknown
Parent Formation TDF
Formed Unknown

Originally a Corps to which the Taurian Defense Force assigned mercenary units, V Corps is primarily assigned to defender the Taurian Concordat's northern borders against activity from Pirate's Haven and the Calderon Protectorate.


Forces from V Corps were on Gaul in February 3067, battling for control of the world against a battalion from the Second Taurian Pride. Both V Corps and the Second Taurian Pride had supporting mercenary forces; V Corps was being supported by Gordon's Armored Cavalry, while the Second was being supported by Lennox's Light Horse. An ambush stages by the Light Horse in mid-to-late February resulted in the death of Marshal Amanda Revin, the commanding officer of V Corps.[1]


Marshal Amanda Revin was the V Corps commander in 3067.[1]


Every unit assigned to the V Corps has its own tactic.



3064 to 3067[edit]



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