Viktoria Benboudaoud

Viktoria Benboudaoud
Affiliation Rim Worlds Army

Character History[edit]

Viktoria Benboudaoud (b. ???? - d. ????) was a member of the Rim Worlds Army during the Star League era. Benboudaoud had reached the rank of General when Stefan Amaris launched Operation APOTHEOSIS on the 27th of December 2766 and was given responsibility for the campaign to secure the Terran Hegemony world of New Dallas.[1] A distant cousin of Mohommad Selim, Benboudaoud had a reputation for loyalty and ruthlessness and actively supported the idea of conquering the Terran Hegemony. By the time APOTHEOSIS launched Benboudaoud was the commanding officer of the Sixty-second Republican Brigade within the Sixth Republican Guards Division, a prestigious command, as well as commanding the 154th Amaris Dragoons in the field.[2]

Benboudaoud's efforts to implement APOTHEOSIS were actively hampered by the suspicion bordering on hostility with which she and her forces were held by the population of New Dallas, the Planetary Governor, Titus Clay, and the senior SLDF officer, Major General Carlos Kataga. Clay and Kataga had attempted to block the deployment of Benboudaoud's forces in the first instance by mobilizing the strong planetary militia to garrison the Castles Brian and other SLDF facilities on New Dallas as well as giving greater responsibility to the SLDF reserve forces present. When Benboudaoud arrived with orders signed by General Aleksandr Kerensky to garrison the three Castles Brian on the planet, she was greeted with outright laughter by Clay and Kataga; when she protested, Clay responded by having her escorted out of his office under armed guard, by cancelling the landing permits for the Republican forces and by impounding Benboudaoud's DropShip.[1]

Benboudaoud attempted to protest directly to both the senior Rim Worlds Republic military officer in the Hegemony, General Patrick Scoffins, as well as directly to Stefan Amaris; neither was willing to force a confrontation with the SLDF High Command at the time, which left Benboudaoud and her forces assigned to garrisoning only the most minor areas of the smallest, farthest-flung bases on New Dallas.[1]

Despite this, Benboudaoud attempted to fulfil her orders; unfortunately, her attempts were blocked at every stage. The terrorist incidents encouraged on New Dallas that were intended to make the local population more reliant on security provided by the Republican garrison were instead dealt with quickly by the New Dallas authorities, with Kataga redeploying companies of SLDF recruits to respond to the incidents, obtaining hands-on training of the situations they could expect to meet in the Periphery. Rather than gaining increased access to facilities and areas on New Dallas, Benboudaoud's forces were strictly limited to being able to deploy only onto training areas, and only when under close supervision by New Dallas monitoring units.[1] With her efforts stymied, Benboudaoud concentrated on upgrading the 154th Amaris Dragoons as much as possible prior to the inevitable battle.[3]

As the date for APOTHEOSIS approached, the authorities on New Dallas came increasingly close to derailing Amaris' plan; not only were Benboudaoud's forces unable to sow many of the booby traps and bombs on New Dallas that other Republican units were employing on their assignments to prepare the way for an assault against the SLDF, two battalions of mercenary forces hired to support Benboudaoud's forces were intercepted trying to infiltrate onto New Dallas. Rather than being able to support the Republicans, the mercenaries found themselves arrested on charges of terrorism and all of their equipment confiscated.[1]

It was a testament to the resistance faced by Benboudaoud that when the hour for APOTHEOSIS came, the pre-emptive strike by Republican special forces to secure the planetary HPG on New Dallas were blocked, one of only three instances where Hegemony forces prevented the Republicans gaining control of the planetary communications.[4] Benboudaoud also had her troops target both important personnel - including planetary governor Titus Clay - and significant SLDF installations in an attempt to sow confusion, but the local resistance proved impossible to overcome.[5]

Benboudaoud's forces were equally unable to secure control over the planetary Space Defense System, and with the eight-ship strong Republican WarShip squadron assigned to the New Dallas system destroyed after securing control of the local jump points, Benboudaoud's forces were heavily outnumbered in the field by Kataga's forces and were destroyed in a six-hour long battle.[1] Benboudaoud piloted a personalized Rampage BattleMech while leading her forces in the frantic defense against the incensed SLDF forces at Fort Resolute and died in the cockpit of her 'Mech, knowing that this was her only option having failed First Consul Amaris.[2]



  • Viktoria Benboudaoud is a Veteran MechWarrior.[2]
  • Benboudaoud has the Hot Dog special ability.[2]
  • Benboudaoud has the Impatient trait and Bad Reputation when dealing with either SLDF or Terran Hegemony personnel.[2]


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