New Dallas

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New Dallas
System information
X:Y Coordinates -55.00 : -25.46[e]
Spectral class K8VI[1]
Recharge time 199 hours[1]
Recharge station(s) Zenith, Nadir[1]

Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

New Dallas
System position 2nd[1]
Jump point
3.47 days[1]
Moons 2 (Pecos, Franklin)[1]
Surface gravity 0.86[1]
Atmospheric pressure High (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature 47°C (Subtropical)[1]
Surface water 62%[1]
Highest native life Plants[1]
Reference Year 2766[1]
Ruler Governor: Titus Clay[1][2]
Population 3,427,840,000[1]
Socio-Industrial Levels A-B-A-B-A[1]
HPG (Representative) A[1]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary History[edit]

Foundation And The Terran Hegemony[edit]

New Dallas was a planet or system within the Terran Hegemony, located near Borden and Marcus, and a part of the Tyrfing Province.[7] New Dallas was colonized in 2354 by settlers from a region of the former United States named Texas. The colonization of New Dallas was the result of Director-General Michael Cameron restarting a general colonization drive within the boundaries of the Terran Hegemony. New Dallas was one of a number of worlds which had been ignored in the past, as it was only marginally habitable; one of the methods used by Cameron to break down nationalistic sentiment towards old countries on Terra was to encourage colonization on a regional basis, where inhabitants of particular regions of Terra could choose worlds that would be transformed into "paradises" through the efforts of the Hegemony. These worlds would then be settled by colonists from those regions, relocating the most nationalistically inclined to new worlds. New Dallas was one of these worlds.[14]

Having established New Dallas the Hegemony government then worked to bind the population of the world to itself in a number of ways, one of which included favoring the planetary militia on New Dallas with preferred status for new technology, making them one of the first military units outside the Hegemony Armed Forces to receive the latest technology from the Hegemony development programs. With regular access to cutting-edge designs, the militia elected to construct a large underground bunker where older BattleMechs could be stored; this was a common occurrence during an era where 'Mechs were rare, expensive items.[14]

Star League[edit]

Prior to the fall of the Star League, a gas giant in the outer reaches of the New Dallas system served as the home port for the 33rd Recon Squadron of the 3rd Fleet (SLDF). Re-purposing an abandoned ice mining facility and situated outside the standard stellar jump distance, the ships of the 33rd Recon Squadron could uncouple from their facilities and jump to hyperspace in less than half an hour.[30]

Amaris Civil War[edit]

During the reign of First Lord Richard Cameron the people of New Dallas and their Planetary Governor, a retired Star League Defense Force General named Titus Clay, were vocal opponents of the First Lord and what they saw as his spreading network of toadies. This skeptical attitude would nearly result in the undoing of Amaris' subsequent Operation APOTHEOSIS.[2]

When Cameron moved to station forces from the Rim Worlds Republic on New Dallas, both Governor Clay and the senior military officer on New Dallas, Major General Carlos Kataga, objected strenuously. They neither liked nor trusted the Republican forces, an attitude echoed by the people of New Dallas. Prior to the arrival of these new garrison forces, Governor Clay mobilized the New Dallas volunteer militia, which was already a strong planetary militia by any measure, and charged them with taking responsibility for both the three Castles Brian on New Dallas and a number of the local SLDF bases. General Kataga took this mobilization a step further by calling on the reservists living on New Dallas to voluntarily take on additional duties and responsibilities within the various SLDF bases. By far the greater part of the reservists did so; the measures were so successful that both Clay and Kataga reported to their respected superiors that there was no requirement for any additional forces to garrison New Dallas, based on the success of their mobilization.[2]

Despite the protests from both Clay and Kataga, Rim Worlds forces began arriving, operating under the command of the Republican General Viktoria Benboudaoud. Benboudaoud presented both with orders signed by General Aleksandr Kerensky requiring the Rim Worlds forces to take over control of the three Castles Brian, orders that Clay and Kataga greeted with outright laughter. The two agreed only to hand over tiny corners of the most outlying bases for garrisoning by the Republican forces, and when Benboudaoud objected, Clay ordered for her to be removed from his office under armed escort. Clay and Kataga then revoked all landing clearances for Republican forces and detained Benboudaoud's DropShip. General Benboudaoud raised strenuous objections to General Patrick Scoffins, the senior Republican officer in the Terran Hegemony, as well as complaining directly to Stefan Amaris himself, but neither was prepared to push the issue at the time, leaving the Rim Worlds forces to take up their meagre facilities and make alternate plans for their ultimate conquest of New Dallas.[2]

In accordance with Amaris' plans to make the worlds of the Hegemony increasingly dependent on the Rim Worlds forces, independent terrorist attacks were sponsored on New Dallas in the name of various Periphery movements. However, rather than being able to respond to the crises and thereby gain greater influence on New Dallas, the Republican forces were blocked at every turn; whenever an incident occurred, General Kataga responded by deploying companies of SLDF recruits to provide security as required, replacing their planned field exercises with actual field experience, dealing with exactly the kind of incidents they could expect to face in the Periphery.[2]

Amaris' agents on New Dallas triggered increasing numbers of terrorist incidents on New Dallas in the build up to the coup, but the Republicans failed to gain any traction; the Rim Worlds forces were limited to being able to deploy only onto training areas, and even when they used the training areas it was under a strict watch by local observer units. In contrast with the Republican efforts, the military and police forces on New Dallas experienced increasing levels of success against the terrorists; this culminated in two battalions of mercenaries under Republican employ being discovered as they attempted to infiltrate onto New Dallas shortly before the coup was launched. These mercenaries, intended to support the Republican forces when APOTHEOSIS began, instead found themselves under arrest for terrorism with their equipment confiscated; the New Dallas authorities came precipitously close to uncovering the true origin of the terrorist incidents, and it was only the timing of the launch of APOTHEOSIS on the 27th of December 2766 that prevented New Dallas from completely unraveling Amaris' plans.[2]

In contrast to the campaign suddenly waged on the majority of the other worlds within the Hegemony, Benboudaoud found that her forces had to fight a completely different campaign on New Dallas. The effective manner in which the local authorities had restricted Republican access to secure facilities and constrained terrorist activities prevented the Republicans from planting much by way of bombs and booby traps as their original plans had called for;[2] the pre-emptive strike on the planetary HPG complex by Republican special forces was also rebuffed,[31] forcing Benboudaoud to order military strikes against the New Dallas military and local infrastructure.[2]

The New Dallas militia blocked these Republican attacks, as well as Republican attempts to secure control of the local Space Defense System; when Benboudaoud was forced to call in support from the Republican WarShip flotilla responsible for securing the local jump points, the eight Republican WarShips found themselves facing an active SDS network under the control of General Kataga's forces. Dozens of drones engaged the Republican WarShips as General Kataga led his armed forces against Benboudaoud's forces on the ground, who were now heavily outnumbered by the SLDF and New Dallas troops. The New Dallas forces vanquished the Republicans on both the ground and in space over the course of the next six hours, leaving New Dallas under their control, at least temporarily.[2]

Governor Clay called a planetary state of emergency in anticipation of further Republican attacks; the Republicans still had control of both jump points, as well as the SDS drones which had been assigned to the control of the jump point stations. When the Republicans made a second attempt to capture New Dallas on the 7th of January 2767 they began with a heavy naval engagement, with a fleet of thirty Republican WarShips augmented by the captured SDS drones attacking the New Dallas SDS drones above New Dallas on the 14th of January. Republican Admiral Otto Idowu waited until his forces had destroyed the last of the SLDF SDS drones before broadcasting that the defenders of New Dallas had one day to surrender and submit to the rule of Emperor Stefan Amaris, a demand that Clay and Kataga responded to by ordering the local aerospace fighter squadrons to engage and destroy the enemy forces. Despite being heavily outnumbered and outgunned the local squadrons managed to delay the Republican attack by several hours, but when the last of the squadrons had been destroyed Admiral Idowu ordered his WarShips to begin destroying the military bases on New Dallas using orbital bombardment.[2]

This orbital bombardment continued all the way up to the 31st of January, at which point additional Republican ground forces began landing, taking advantage of the destruction of New Dallas' organized military to secure the planet. This didn't stop resistance movements forming on New Dallas, however; the Republicans promptly arrested Governor Clay, staged a mock trial and executed him, acts which led to New Dallas becoming a hotbed of resistance against the new Amaris regime.[2]


The existence of the militia's boneyard bunker and its location had been forgotten by the time the Star League fell, but the centuries of close association with the Hegemony had instilled a profound loyalty to the Hegemony in the population, which had fatal results. During the brutal First Succession War the population of New Dallas refused to join any of the Great Houses; having continued to receive the best military equipment right up until the fall of the Star League, the local militia on New Dallas put up a fierce resistance against those Houses who attempted to annex the world, and did so while fielding equipment matching that of the Star League Defense Force Royal Divisions.[14]

The Great Houses resorted to the use of nuclear weapons to destroy the New Dallas militia, weapons which had a devastating effect on the terraformed ecology of New Dallas, reversing the ancient terraforming efforts made by the Terran Hegemony and allowing the original hostile environment to reassert itself. This ecological reversion resulted in the citizens of New Dallas who had managed to survive the conflict on the planet leaving in large numbers, and by the time the Second Succession War began New Dallas was uninhabited once more.[32]

The Jihad[edit]

New Dallas fell off maps of the Inner Sphere, one of many worlds to do so during the Succession Wars. It remained forgotten until Chandrasekhar Kurita obtained information through his intelligence networks which, when combined with information from the archaeological exploration company Interstellar Expeditions, revealed the Terran Hegemony's sharing of advanced technology with certain favored planetary militias. Kurita hired the mercenary unit known as the Devil's Brigade, dispatching them in pursuit of the world of New Dallas and the advanced Star League technology believed to be there. The Devil's Brigade found no cutting-edge 'Mechs or weapons - everything the militia had, apparently fought on the front lines during the nuclear attacks, and was long since destroyed - and determined that New Dallas was a wasteland.[32]

However, the Devil's Brigade had one striking success: they found the ancient storage bunker put in place by the New Dallas militia, centuries before. Deep within the heart of the bunker lay a worthy treasure - a Terran Hegemony Memory Core. The memory core was a testament to the intelligence gathering performed by the Terran Hegemony; it contained the designs, blueprints and specifications not just for Terran Hegemony equipment, from the most ancient of BattleMechs to cutting-edge Royal designs, but also information on those BattleMechs designed and built by the other nations of the Inner Sphere and even the Periphery. The Devil's Brigade brought the memory core to Kurita, who used every means at his disposal to disseminate the information as widely and as quickly as possible. As a result, the same machines that fought on the surface of New Dallas would soon begin reappearing across the Inner Sphere - as well as machines that predated them by centuries. New Dallas and the legacy left by those who settled it would be responsible for the appearance of the technology known as RetroTech from factories across human space during the Word of Blake's Jihad in the mid-31st century.[32]

Military Deployment[edit]


Nearby Systems[edit]

Systems within 60 light-years (distance in light years)
Closest systems first:
Marcus 13.9 Connaught 15.6 Bordon 16.0 Callison 18.0
Zosma 20.0 Dieudonne 20.6 Castor 23.4 Tyrfing 24.8
Dubhe 25.0 Afleir 26.3 Acubens 28.0 Devil's Rock 29.0
Wyatt 29.5 Chertan 29.7 Talitha 30.0 Remulac 32.0
Pollux 33.4 Wing 34.9 Aquileia 35.8 Nathan 35.9
Alphard 36.9 Milton 37.7 Van Diemen IV 38.3 Alhena 38.5
Hechnar 38.8 Miaplacidus 39.0 Irian 39.3 Alchiba 40.0
Denebola 41.1 Oliver 41.7 Alioth 43.4 Phecda 43.4
Savannah 45.68 Mizar 46.6 Graham IV 46.6 Catroxx 46.7
Pliska 46.9 Cor Caroli 48.3 Zavijava 48.4 Haddings 50.5
Alula Australis 51.5 Lipton 53.1 Kalidasa 53.2 Shiloh 53.7
Carver V 54.4 Elbing 55.8 Chara 57.7 Avellaneda 59.4
Hall 59.8


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