Vision Naval Star (Clan Nova Cat)

Vision Naval Star
Unit Profile (as of 3079)
Nickname Unknown
Parent Formation None
Formed 3061
Disbanded 3079


Following the Clan's relocation to the Inner Sphere its naval reserve was reorganised into three Stars, each with its own command vessel. The Vision Naval Star was one of these new formations. [1]

The Star was included in the Nova Cat naval forces that struck against Clan Ghost Bear on Alshain in May 3067. Their mission was an attempt to claim the partially completed Rasalhague as isorla in a Trial of Possession. The resulting battle broke down into a melee, decimating both naval forces.[2][3] While initially listed as destroyed following the naval battle of Alshain, the True Vision was later recovered by Nova Cat salvage crews in a covert operation and returned to service. [4]

The Jihad[edit]

The True Path was lost in the fighting at Bharat. During the assault on Terra the Nova Cat fleet was instrumental in the victory but at a high cost that included the destruction of the Vision Naval Star with loss of every vessel in the command.[5]


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Composition History[edit]


Vision Naval Star[1]


Vision Naval Star[6]



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