Clan Nova Cat Touman

The Clan Nova Cat Touman comprises all military assets owned by Clan Nova Cat. Once one of the strongest Clan Toumans, recent changes caused by the Nova Cat's Abjuration and other conflicts have left it a shell of its former self. Rebuilding difficulties have been compounded with a lack of resources.


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Being led by their Warrior Castes, the history of the Nova Cat's touman is intrinsically tied to the history of Clan Nova Cat.


Clan Nova Cat warriors place a high priority on accuracy, and were known to challenge the Goliath Scorpions for marksmanship prior to the Nova Cat Abjuration. Nova Cat Warriors have a marked preference for laser armed designs, a practice that originated from the Nova Cats perfecting the ER Lasers in use by Clan forces to this day. Recently, Nova Cat warriors have been lead to cross train across a wide variety of unit types, the better to disguise the Touman's issue with low resources.

Nova Cat commanders prize flexibility in tactical doctrine. They are quick to adapt what works, regardless of origin, and are known to study the tactics of their rivals. The Nova Cats particularly prize the 'Hover-Drop' maneuver. In the 'hover-drop', Nova Cat mechs will deploy from their dropships while still in the lower atmosphere, removing the need for reentry cocoons. While dangerous, it allows the mechs to fire while descending and minimises enemy reaction time. In some cases, Nova Cat mechs are known to disembark at low level, allowing the dropship to engage with its own weapon and provide additional cover fire. [1] Nova Cat units have also seen an increase in the use of combined arms tactics, more out of necessity then want.

Clan Nova Cat are opportunistic when it comes Clan honor. They still adhere to zellbrigen when possible, but are quick to drop it when refused.

Ground Forces[edit]

Traditionally, Nova Cat Clusters were standardized into one of eight types. Nova Cat units were focused on Mechs, specifically the Omnimech, as the core of their Touman. Their forces appeared to favor medium and light designs, and those types continue to be the predominant mech size seen in Nova Cat units. Clan Nova Cat maintained a typical Clan distribution of unit, with front line units using Omnimechs, second line units using standard Battlemechs and with vehicles being reserved for Solahmna units. The use of armored infantry was unpopular with the Nova Cats, but not forgotten.

Since their Abjuration, heavy losses, combined with a lack of resources, have radically changed the make up of a Nova Cat cluster. The Nova Cats are no longer able to maintain any sort of purity with their forces, with standard Battlemechs, and even vehicles now appearing in front line formations. It has also seen the increased use of older machines, taken from Brian Caches, as well as Inner Sphere designs imported from outside governments. Nova Cat forces have also started the use of ProtoMechs and seen an increased focus on armored infantry.

Aerospace Forces[edit]

The Nova Cats prize the flexibility and strength of aerospace units. Because of this, Nova Cat commanders are likely to keep a higher ratio of fighters in their bidding compared to most Clans.

Naval Forces[edit]

The Nova Cats maintained a Naval Tradition that rivals the Snow Ravens, and while they have never focused as high a priority on Warships, maintained one of the larger fleets among the Clans.

Organization (Including Historical Units)[edit]

The touman in 3079[2], [3], [4]


Alpha Galaxy (Victory Over Delusion)[edit]

Alpha Galaxy
Ncaplha.png 3059
NovaStar Keshik
1st Nova Cat Guards
449th Assault Cluster
489th Assault Cluster
NovaStar Keshik
1st Nova Cat Guards (Hand of Fate)
449th Assault Cluster (Joys and Sorrows)
489th Assault Cluster (The Third Eye)
Nova Cat Grenadiers Cluster
Added in 3060s.[5]
Dragonsfang Cluster - Added in 3060s.[6]

Delta Galaxy (Ways of Seeing)[edit]

Delta Galaxy
Delta Galaxy (Clan Nova Cat).jpg 3059
Shiva Keshik
4th Nova Cat Guards
44th Nova Cat Cavaliers
46th Nova Cat Cavaliers
119th Striker Cluster
Shiva Keshik
4th Nova Cat Guards (The Oracles)
44th Nova Cat Cavaliers (The Five Actions)
46th Nova Cat Cavaliers (Fateful June)
119th Striker Cluster (Self Harmony)

Tau Galaxy (A New Path)[edit]

Tau Galaxy
Cntau.png 3059
Vision Keshik
9th Nova Cat Regulars
12th Nova Cat Regulars
100th Striker Cluster
274th Battle Cluster
Vision Keshik
9th Nova Cat Regulars (Perilous Quest)
12th Nova Cat Regulars (Hammer of Right)
100th Striker Cluster (Terrible Vision)
274th Battle Cluster (Vigilance of the Cat)

Xi Galaxy (Rossei's Faithful Followers)[edit]

Xi Galaxy
Xi.jpg 3059
1st Garrison Cluster
3rd Garrison Cluster
5th Garrison Cluster
Rossei Keshik[7]
1st Garrison Cluster (Mystic Light)
1st Nova Cat Carabinieri Cluster
2nd Nova Cat Carabinieri Cluster
Nova Cat Irregulars Cluster
Nova Cat Renegades Cluster
Dragonscales Cluster

Note that this Galaxy had Provisional status in 3062, upgraded to frontline status after Combine-Ghost Bear War.[8], [9]

Note that all clusters has been renamed in 3067, so the names below are no longer accurate. Two additional clusters and a Keshik have also been added. The new cluster names are: 1st & 2nd Nova Cat Carabinieri Clusters, Nova Cat Irregulars Cluster, Nova Cat Renegades Cluster and Dragonscales Cluster.[10]

Lambda Galaxy (Seishin-no Nekoryu)[edit]

Lambda Galaxy
Clan Nova Cat Logo Activated in august 3067.[11] 3067
Nekoryu Keshik
Nova Cat Hussars
Nova Cat Fusiliers

Omicron Provisional Galaxy[edit]

Omicron Provisional Galaxy
Cncomicronprovisionalgalaxy.jpg 3059
6th Garrison Cluster
4th Nova Cat Regulars
5th Nova Cat Regulars
6th Nova Cat Regulars
Thundercats Keshik Supernova Trinary
Nova Cat Jaegers Cluster
Nova Cat Legers Cluster
Nova Cat Rangers Cluster
Nova Cat Dragoons Cluster

Note that all clusters has been renamed in 3067, so the names below are no longer accurate. The new names are Nova Cat Jaegers Cluster, Nova Cat Legers Cluster, Nova Cat Rangers Cluster and Nova Cat Dragons Cluster.[12]

Fallen Galaxies[edit]

Beta Galaxy[edit]

Beta Galaxy (Spiritual Vision)
Clan Nova Cat Logo 3051
Lachesis Keshik
Nova Cat Lancers
179th Striker Cluster
44th Nova Cat Cavaliers
200th Aggressor Cluster

Gamma Galaxy[edit]

Kappa Provisional Galaxy[edit]

Rho Provisional Galaxy[edit]

Upsilon Provisonal Galaxy[edit]

Sigma Galaxy (Spiritual Vision)[edit]

Sigma Galaxy
Sigma Galaxy (Clan Nova Cat).jpg 3059
Lachesis Keshik
Nova Cat Lancers
179th Striker Cluster
246th Battle Cluster
189th Striker Cluster
Lachesis Keshik
Nova Cat Lancers (The Path of Right)
179th Striker Cluster (Circle of Power)
246th Battle Cluster (Truth of Ages)
189th Striker Cluster (Hold to the Path)
Dragonsclaw Cluster
Added in 3060s.[13]

Chi Provisional Galaxy[edit]

Chi Provisional Galaxy
Chipg-clannovacat.jpg 3059
10th Garrison Cluster (Onward)
11th Garrison Cluster (No Misstep)
12th Garrison Cluster (Integral Truth)
153rd Garrison Cluster (Eternal Power)
Destroyed during Combine-Ghost Bear War.[14]

Omega Provisional Galaxy[edit]

Omega Provisional Galaxy
Omega Provisional Galaxy (Clan Nova Cat).jpg 3059
13th Garrison Cluster (Reflections)
14th Garrison Cluster (A Thousand Years)
15th Garrison Cluster (Freedom of Right)
115th Garrison Cluster (Nothing Else Matters)
Destroyed during Combine-Ghost Bear War.[15]

Zeta Provisional Galaxy[edit]

Zeta Provisional Galaxy
Zetapg-clannovacat.jpg 3059
37th Garrison Cluster (Lost Ones)
44th Garrison Cluster (The Fallen)
67th Garrison Cluster (Heretics)
167th Garrison Cluster (Long Road)
Mauled during Combine-
Ghost Bear War, survivors deserting.[16]

Unassigned Clusters deployed during Operation Revival[edit]

Nova Cat Naval Reserve[edit]

Vision Naval Star[edit]

Vision Naval Star
SLS True Vision - Congress-class
SLS Faithful - Lola III-class
SLS Spirit Sigh - Fredasa-class
SLS True Path - Carrack-class
SLS Blood Oath - Aegis-class
SLS Bond - Aegis-class
SLS Promise - Aegis-class
3067 [18]
SLS Far Vision - Vincent Mk.42-class
SLS True Path - Carrack-class
SLS Promise - Aegis-class
SLS Path of Honor - Aegis-class

Transcendent Naval Star[edit]

Transcendent Naval Star
SLS Anna Rosse - York-class
SLS Future Triumph - Fredasa-class
SLS Perilous Vision - Carrack-class
SLS Righteous Return - Vincent Mk.42-class
SLS Blade - Aegis-class
SLS Path of Honor - Aegis-class
SLS Vision Quest - Aegis-class
3067 [18]
SLS Future Triumph - Fredasa-class
SLS Perilous Vision - Carrack-class
SLS Blade - Aegis-class
SLS Vision Quest - Aegis-class

Mystic Naval Star[edit]

Mystic Naval Star
SLS Spirit Vision - Vincent Mk.42-class
SLS Far Vision - Vincent Mk.42-class
SLS Void - Carrack-class
SLS Chronicle - Aegis-class
SLS Principle - Aegis-class
SLS Remembrance - Aegis-class
3067 [18]
SLS Severen Leroux - Black Lion-class
SLS Spirit Vision - Vincent Mk.42-class
SLS Void - Carrack-class
SLS Chronicle - Aegis-class
SLS Principle - Aegis-class
SLS Remembrance - Aegis-class

Other Vessels[edit]

3062 [17]

  • NovaStar Keshik

3067 [18]

  • merchant fleet

Lost Ships[edit]


Field and Dress Uniform[edit]

The field uniform of the Nova Cats consisted of a charcoal grey, full length body suit with banded collar. Glossy black patches, mimicking the pattern of a Nova Cat's fur, form shoulderpads. A thin black line runs down the body and left arm of the uniform. Footwear consists of a mocassin like black boot. While not officially part of the uniform, many Nova Cat warriors also add a leather pouch to carry vineers from past battles.

The Nova Cat dress uniform adds a black cape and cowl to the field uniform.

SLDF Pattern[edit]

When the Second Star League was still active, the Field uniform of the Nova Cats underwent a change. This version of the Nova Cat uniform merged the SLDF uniform with elements of the traditional Clan Nova Cat uniform.

Ceremonial Uniform[edit]

Worn only during ritual functions and Council meetings, the ceremonial uniform consists of shorts, vest with studded collar, and fingerless gloves. These pieces are made of black leather. Laced leggings are added when footwear is desired, but this is considered optional. The uniform also adds an intricate headpiece, stylised after a nova cat head, that is worn on when called on by the Oathmaster or during Grand Council Meetings.

An alternate version of the ceremonial uniform, worn in the presence of other Clans, replaces the shorts and vest with a full length body suit.


Nova Cat warriors wear a colored Dagger Star pin on the right side of their collar, denoting their branch of service. A pin on the left side of their collar denotes their Point position in a Star. A shoulder patch on the right shoulder denotes a warrior's rank, while the left shoulder shows his Galaxy and Cluster assignment. Finally, the insignia of Clan Nova Cat is worn as a patch on the left breast.


While abjured, Clan Nova Cat maintains standard Clan Military Organization and ranks.

Point positions
Point 1 Point 2 Point 3 Point 4 Point 5
NovaCat-Point1.png NovaCat-Point2.png NovaCat-Point3.png NovaCat-Point4.png NovaCat-Point5.png
Rank Unit Insignia
Point Commander
Point Point Commander
Star Commander Star Star Commander
Star Captain Binary/Trinary Star Captain
Star Colonel/
Star Commodore (Naval Equivalent)
Cluster Star Colonel
Galaxy Commander/
Star Admiral (Naval Equivalent)
Galaxy Galaxy Commander
saKhan SaKhan
Khan Clan Nova Cat Touman Khan


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