Zeta Galaxy (Clan Steel Viper)

Zeta Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3075)
Nickname None
Parent Formation Clan Steel Viper Touman
Disbanded 3075 (destroyed)


Zeta Galaxy was sent to the Inner Sphere as part of Clan Steel Viper's contribution to Operation Revival, together with Alpha, Beta and Gamma Galaxies.[1]

The Steel Viper Khans included the second-line Zeta in the bidding for landing rights on Tukayyid (replacing the front-line Beta Galaxy) in order to secure earlier landing times and to show their contempt for the ComGuard.[1] Zeta was not intended to fight on Tukayyid, but ultimately entered the action to cover the retreat of Alpha and Gamma.[1]

During his tenure as Khan of Clan Steel Viper Perigard Zalman made Zeta Galaxy the focus of his experiments involving freeborn warriors; this meant that even before Zalman's death, Zeta was subjected to derision from many other elements of the Steel Viper touman - including the other second-line Galaxies.[2]

IlKhan Andrews' violation of the Council's rules and traditions by shooting Khan N'Buta during the meeting pushed the Cloud Cobra Khan Hollyann Kardaan to condemned the act as evidence of the Steel Vipers' corruption, calling for an Annihilation of the Clan . Unable to fight off the combined home world Clans the Vipers and Zeta Galaxy were wiped out in 3075. Zeta's last stand came on Circe. Two hundred DropShips of the combined Homeworld Clans landed troops on the planet despite the fire of the SDS ground batteries. Zeta had been defending the enclave of Tash as it was assaulted by the forces of Clan Star Adder, Clan Stone Lion and Clan Goliath Scorpion. Zeta held, but the counter attack of the Thirty-eighth Phalanx was halted by the arrival of a force from Clan Coyote. Zeta retreated into the ruins of Dehra Dun, but were hunted down and destroyed.[3]


As of 3061[1] to 3067[4] the commanding officer was Galaxy Commander Soren Grimaldi, who took command in 3052 after the battle of Tukayyid, replacing Bard Tsongas, who was executed for publicly fingering the Steel Viper Khans as the cause of the Steel Viper defeat on Tukayyid.[1][4] In 3067 Star Colonel Monday Stoklas was serving as aide to Galaxy Commander Grimaldi.[4]


Zeta specialized in fighting with minimal use of communication signals.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Zeta Galaxy


Zeta Galaxy [7][1][4]

  • First Fang
  • Second Fang
  • Thirty-eighth Phalanx
  • Seventy-first Phalanx



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