Clifton's Rangers

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Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Major Jack “Mad Dawg” Burton
JumpShips no
DropShips yes
Aerospace no
Armor no
Infantry no


[edit] History

The command formed on Galatea in 2990. They worked first for the DCMS, and then later for the FWLM as well. The WoB hired them for an invasion of Keid. The planet was held by the 30th Lyran Guards and with the support of the Hannibal's Hermits the Lyran force was doomed.

The command remain on planet as garrison force. Supported by a large Milita (3 regiments mechanized infantry, 1 armor regiment, 2 wings of conventional fighters, and a mech regiment) any invader will face fierce resistance.

[edit] Officer

The officer corps of the command are from all Successor states and that gives them a deep inside look of each military.

[edit] Tactics

The Ranger use the fast units to get the attention of the enemy and lured them in a trap where the heavier units wait to close it.

[edit] Support

They can use their Overlord-class DropShip for transport but can only cover 45% technical support.

[edit] Dragoon Ratings

[edit] 3067

Dragoon Rating: F

[edit] Compisition History

[edit] 3025

Clifton's Rangers (Green/Questionable)

Contract: FWLM [1]
  • CO: Colonel Elias Clifton[1]

[edit] 3040

Clifton's Rangers (1 Battalion/Green/Questionble)[2]

Contract: AFFC

[edit] 3067

Clifton's Rangers(1 Battalion/Green/Reliable)

  • CO: Major Jack "Mad Dawg" Burton
  • XO/Alpha Company: Captain Benjamin "Hawk" Hunter
  • Bravo Company: Captain James "Grimlock" Grenon
  • Charlie Company: Captain Roland "Ruger" Wilhelm

- 2 light/medium companies, 1 heavy company, 1 independent assault command lance

[edit] Notes

[edit] References

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