Iroquois Machinery Limited

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Iroquois Machinery Limited is a small manufacturing concern in the Federated Suns that is best known for production of the Harvester AgroMech. This is merely the latest in a long line of agricultural products.


The company started production of the Harvester in 3049, after tests showed the design could replace three of their previous tracked harvester systems.[1] In 3075 (the middle of the Jihad) Iroquois Machinery Limited started production of the Toro Primitive BattleMech for use by nearby militia units.[2]


Iroquois Machinery Limited has an manufacturing center on the following planet:[1][2]


Components produced on Shawnee:
Component Type
Toro (Primitive)[2] Light BattleMech
HVR-99 Harvester[1] IndustrialMech
Iroquois Machinery Medium Harvester[1]
Junkers 120 Harvester[1]
Industrial Armor
LaborHeavy-1 Harvester[1]
Communications System
T-300 Dual Wave Harvester[1]
Lift Hoist
SteelTek Harvester[1]
Combine Case
International Harvester[1]


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