Rachel McCloud

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Rachel McCloud
Born 3022[1]
Died 3???
Affiliation Black Thorns
Dropship Captain
Spouse Jeremiah Rose
Children 2 children

Rachel McCloud captained the Union-Class Dropship Bristol, which she also owned (though she remarked that it really essentially belonged to her creditors).

Personal History


Rachel McCloud was an independent merchant DropShip captain. Born and brought up in space, she felt more at home in that environment than on solid ground.[2] She believed in being independent and not tied down to the military or major corporations.[3] She almost always struggled for money to meet the payments to her creditors, and feared losing the Bristol. Often she would say she was the part owner of the DropShip, with the majority being owned by the bank. It was economic necessity that forced her to take a contract with the Black Thorns originally.[4] She was a civilian and did not like the military, often describing them as "damn soldiers".[5][2]

Involvement with Black Thorns

Captain McCloud first met Jeremiah Rose when she transported him to Northwind from Terra in early 3054. The two had immediately hit it off and it made her question her previously lonely life.[6]

She initially became involved with Rose's mercenary company, The Black Thorns, because of the need for funds to finance her payments on the Bristol. She continued to work with them partially for money but also because of her personal involvement with its commander, Captain Jeremiah Rose. The events that transpired on Outreach, Borghese and Wolcott helped move her more into their camp.[7][8]

In the Black Thorns' last battle against Clan Jade Falcon on Borghese in July 3055, she piloted a Mechbuster conventional fighter, but was shot down. She was lucky to survive the crash, but her wounds kept her in the hospital for over two months, placing a great strain on her income and repayments on the Bristol.[5]


Captain McCloud married Jeremiah Rose sometime between 4th August and 6th November 3057. They had two children, twins, born on Wolcott in November 3057. One child was a boy, the gender of the other was not specified.[9]



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