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Production information
Manufacturer Avon Alpha
Class Heavy
Technical specifications
Mass 75 tons
Chassis Bergan Version 6.2 Endo Steel
Armor Compound 12A2
Engine 375 XL
Speed 86 km/h

2 x ER Large Lasers
10 x ER Medium Lasers

BV (2.0) 2,883[1]


Introduced in the late Jihad in 3078, the Sphinx was designed by Clan Nova Cat as a heavier companion to the Black Hawk OmniMech. The design was originally intended as OmniMech, but was changed in favor fielding needed 'Mechs sooner to combat the Blakist.

The Sphinx is built around an array of multiple lasers, allowing it put out a massive amount of firepower at moderate ranges. It also maintains a similar movement profile to the Black Hawk lacking the jump jets of the lighter design. Its heavier frame also supports more 13.5 tons standard clan armor, making it more durable than the smaller Black Hawk. Help cope with its heavy heat burden that its weapons mix can inflict, it has fitted with 26 Double Heat Sinks.

The 'Mech appearance was noted, due to it being rushed into production. Its rough appearance would give reminiscent look of older Highlander Assault 'Mech.[2]


The Mech principally armed with pair of arm mounted Series 6b Extended Range Large Lasers which gives 'Mech its ranged combat ability. For intermediate ranges, 'Mech can turn to its ten Series 2f Extended Range Medium Lasers mounted through its torsos.


  • Sphinx 2 - The second variant appeared in 3080, just prior to the end of the Jihad. This variant was produced by Clan Nova Cat in preparation for the last thrust against the Blakists. The design drops all its ER Mediums Lasers and a single Double Heat Sink for the following modifications: In place of the ER Medium Lasers, a series of 10 ER Small Lasers are split up between the side torsos. Also, both ER Large Lasers are moved to the Center Torso, and MASC has been added. To help with more precise strikes, a Targeting Computer is added.[3]. BV (2.0) = 2,753[4]

Dark Age Dossier Variants

  • NC319-13A - Modified for long range, this variant replaces the weapons payload with eight Series 1G ER Small Lasers and two Series 7K ER Large Lasers for variable fire.
  • SF156-06A - A Sea Fox modification, this variant removes the Targeting Computer and MASC systems. It also uses Ferro-Fibrous armor to free up additional payload space for the inclusion of two additional ER Large Lasers. This version is known for its common overheating.
  • NC101-54B - Intended for picket duty, this variant follows a similar upgrade pattern as the SF156-06A. It also replaces the array of ER Large and Medium lasers with an array of ten General System Heavy Small Lasers and two Kolbri Delta Series Large Pulse Lasers.


Originally the Dossiers for the Sphinx commonly armed the 'Mech fitted out with only 10 Clan ER Medium Lasers, MASC (108 Km/ph) and a Targeting Computer. Offical Catayst Game Labs publication of Technical Readout: 3085 would showcased first canon stats for the 'Mech Jihad era. This would superceding previous list variant in the Dark Age. As of this writing, Dark Age variants are not considered canon until 'mech stats are published by Catayst Game Labs.

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