219th BattleMech Division

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219th BattleMech Division
Unit Profile (as of 2765)
Nickname The Bull Run Division
Parent Formation XLIII Corps
Formed unknown
Disbanded 2765


The 219th BattleMech Division was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army.


In 2698, the 219th engaged and destroyed a seditionist unit, named Los Toros Blanco, on Carvajal.[1]

In 2764, the unit was assigned, as a part of the XLIII Corps, Seventeenth Army, to the Periphery Military Region.[2] The 219th was destroyed during the Periphery Uprising in 2765[2] by the Second and Third Canopian Fusiliers regiments of the Magistracy Armed Forces.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 219th BattleMech Division




As an SLDF BattleMech division the 219th would have been formed from two Brigades of BattleMech regiments and a brigade of Mechanized Infantry regiments.[4]


  • 2191st Brigade [5]
  • 2192nd Brigade
  • 2193rd Brigade


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