2nd Filtvelt Citizen's Militia

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Second Filtvelt Citizen's Militia
Formed 3072
Nickname Second Filtvelt Defenders
Affiliation Filtvelt Coalition
Parent Command Filtvelt Citizen's Militia



The Second Filtvelt Citizen's Militia - also known as the Second Filtvelt Defenders - was established on the 20th of February 3072 when the Filtvelt Coalition seceded from the Federated Suns[1] and was a part of the Filtvelt Citizen's Militia (FCM), a major formation in the newborn Filtvelt Defensive Army.[2]

Initially, the FCM was a volunteer organization, but in early March 3072 word leaked out that the Coalition was considering instituting a draft to boost the strength of the FCM. The draft proposal called for an enlistment quota to be applied to each world and was widely supported, both because it ensured that the defense burden would be shared across the worlds of the coalition whilst also providing employment and the means to repel pirate attacks.[2]

The implementation of the draft was launched publicly on the 23rd of March, with the rulers of the Coalition announcing a state of emergency due to the Jihad and that the enlistment quota would help jump-start the formation of the Coalition military. The actual draft wasn't accepted without resistance - a number of worlds raised objections - but the draft itself contained a large number of categories under which those who were considered essential to the future prosperity of the Coalition were excluded, and the draft was only applicable to a narrow range of people based on age.[2]

While the draft did provide an increase in the number of personnel available, the supply of recruits noticeably outstripped the supply of available material with which to equip them, which critics of the scheme seized on as proof that mandatory enlistment was an unneeded strain on the already stressed economy of the coalition.[2]

The Jihad[edit]

The Second expanded sharply when, following a coup by the pirate band known as the Death's Consorts,[3] General Garman Doucette defected to the Filtvelt Coalition, bringing with him almost a third of the Malagrotta Crucis March Militia. The bulk of the Malagrotta CrMM defectors were incorporated into the Second, which unlike their sister regiment, the First Filtvelt Citizen's Militia, had been based almost entirely on planetary militias and had a poor reputation.[4] The defection also gave a substantial boost to the total BattleMech strength of the Citizen's Militia, but, unfortunately for the Second, the Malagrotta CrMM personnel quickly demonstrated how it was the the Cooperative had come to fall to the pirates so easily - the CrMM was chronicly undertrained.[5]

By 3079 the various Filtvelt Defenders brigades including the second had expanded substantially, although the primary expansion was through large contingents of homegrown infantry forces, rather than BattleMechs, but the various units all lacked experience. Criticisms of the lack of experience and training within FCM were valid, but the Militia didn't lack for determination; with so many local troops in its ranks, the Militia was literally fighting to defend the homes of it's soldiers.[4]

The Dark Age[edit]

Still structured and organized around the Regimental Combat Team model, the Second continued to suffer from a lack of training in the immediate aftermath of the Jihad. The Coalition High Command attempted to compensate for this - and to develop those troops showing occasional flashes of superior ability - by re-roling the Second as a specialized urban-combat formation. The Second trained extensively to adapt to their new specialization, and by 3085 the infantry regiments attached to the Second were excelling in their new role, but the other units within the brigade were lagging behind the infantry's performance.[5]

In 3145 the Second was stationed on Filtvelt. There they served as a parade ground unit and were skilled in close quarters maneuvers required for parades and demonstrations. The Second was largely considered the Coalition's "training unit." Colonel Giles was trying to get a battalion authorized to raid the Tortuga Dominions to both gain experience for his troops and dissuade pirate raids.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Filtvelt Citizen's Militia
Colonel Jurian Donaldson 3085[7]
Colonel Hank Giles 3145[8]



The Second had begun extensively retraining to focus on urban combat by 3085.[5]

Composition History[edit]


Second Filtvelt Citizen's Militia (Green/Reliable)[4]
In 3079 the Second was based on the worlds of Mararn and Sodertalje and was operating at sixty percent of full strength, although only ten percent of the unit were using advanced equipment.


Second Filtvelt Citizen's Militia (Green/Reliable)[7]

  • CO: Colonel Jurian Donaldson.

In 3085 the Second was based on the worlds of Morven and Sherwood and had grown slightly, operating at seventy-five percent of full strength and with eighteen percent of the unit using advanced equipment.


The units of the FCM have weren't able to benefit from any special rules at least as late as 3085.


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