2nd Fronc Cuirassiers

2nd Fronc Cuirassiers
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation Fronc Reaches Sentinels
Formed 3082

The Second Fronc Cuirassiers were formed in 3082 after the 1st Fronc Cuirassiers reached approximately half strength.



Formed on Spencer after the Bloody Tricentennial attacks, the Second Fronc Cuirassiers were founded to increase the number of defensive units available to the Fronc Reaches. Unlike the First Cuirassiers, the Second had several officers who had visited the Filtvelt Coalition and graduated from the Filtvelt Academy. These officers were highly skilled in the anti-pirate tactics that had worked for the Filtvelt Coalition, but lacked the 'Mechs to put them into practice. However, the unit had two vehicles for every 'Mech, which was hoped to offset the lack of 'Mechs.[1]

In 3085 the Second Fronc Cuirassiers were stationed on Spencer.[2]

During the Dark Age the Second Cuirassiers divided its non-BattleMech forces into small, independent units that could operate alone for extended periods of time; the only formation to be kept intact were the BattleMech forces, which were then used as a hammer to break Mech-centric formations of hostile forces attacking or raiding the worlds the Second were deployed across.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Fronc Cuirassiers
Colonel Kenny Hintzen 3085[2]
Colonel Diana Barnes 3145[4]


As a defensive force in the Fronc Reaches, the Second Cuirassiers are (nominally) able to repulse the fast raids favored by pirates. In 3085, however, their lack of experience makes them more dangerous to themselves than to raiders.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Second Fronc Cuirassiers (Green/Reliable)[2]

  • CO: Colonel Kenny Hintzen

Second Fronc Air (Wing/Green/Questionable)[2]

Second Fronc Armor (Green/Questionable)[2]

  • CO: Colonel Zuzen Van Haenraets

Second Fronc Infantry (Regular/Questionable)[2]

  • CO: Colonel Masoud Schlimme


Second Fronc Cuirassiers (Veteran/Reliable)[4]

  • CO: Colonel Diana Barnes

Second Fronc Air (Wing/Regular/Reliable)[4]

Second Fronc Armor (Elite/Reliable)[4]

  • CO: Colonel Nettie Wells

Second Fronc Infantry (Veteran/Reliable)[4]

  • CO: Colonel Meghan Jacobs

At this point in time the Second were deployed across Herotitus and Rockwellawan. The Second was close to full strength - the Air Wing was operating at eighty-five percent of full strength, and the BattleMech and armor regiments at ninety-percent of full strength - but the infantry regiment was actually overstrength, operating at one hundred and five percent of normal strength.[4]


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