401st Independent Regiment

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401st Independent Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 2588)
Parent Formation VII Corps
Formed 2571-2575


The Four Hundred and First Independent Regiment was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army. It was originally formed during the creation of the SLDF in 2571, and was a part of VII Corps during the Reunification War, where it served in the Magistracy of Canopus campaign from 2577 to 2588.[1][2]

As a part of the Magistracy of Canopus task force, the 401st was stationed on Ayn Tarma when military action against the Magistracy began. Although in later years independent regiments would form a part of almost every SLDF corps, VII Corps was particularly dependent on the four independent regiments assigned to it because of the general lack of transport assets that plagued VII Corps throughout the war, and the 401st would see combat on seven different worlds during the course of the war.[1][2][3]

The 401st would remain on Ayn Tarma for the first year of the war, but in 2578 the 401st was tasked to support the 56th Brigade invasion of Scheuerheck along with four full regiments of troops drawn from the Free Worlds League Military, and in 2579 the 401st would fight alongside another independent regiment, the 35th Royal CAAN Marine Regiment, in support of the two SLDF brigades tasked with taking Eleusis. The Eleusis campaign ended up being far longer and more destructive than originally planned; as part of an elaborate shell game the commander of the Magistracy Armed Forces had moved troops in and out of Eleusis, and when the SLDF task force arrived it discovered twice the number of regiments defending the world than intelligence had indicated - including almost the entire Chasseurs á Cheval. The MAF defenders resisted the annexation of Eleusis for months, and could have fought for several months longer than they did, if not for direct orders from the commander of the MAF and Magestrix Crystalla Centrella to retreat to preserve their remaining strength for later battles.[1][4][5]

After the battle for Eleusis the 401st wouldn't fight again until 2583, when they supported the 59th Brigade in the conquest of Megarez; the 401st would continue to fight in support of the 59th Brigade for the rest of the war, hitting Techne's Revenge in 2585, Wildwood in 2587 and Hardcore in 2588.[2]


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Reunification War[edit]

  • VII Corps units may utilize Overrun Combat.[6]
  • VII Corps units gain a +1 bonus to repair rolls.[6]
  • The VII Corps commander may select half of the maps used in any battle, irrespective of scenario rules.[6]
  • VII Corps units adhere to the Ares Conventions.[6]
  • VII Corps units suffer a -2 penalty to Initiative if forced to fight on city maps.[6]


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