80th Fang (Clan Steel Viper)

Clan Steel Viper.jpg
80th Fang
Unit Profile (as of 3075)
Nickname None
Parent Formation Omega Galaxy
Disbanded 3075 (Destroyed)


In October 2823 the Eightieth Fang launched an attack against Clan Wolverine on Circe, however the Cluster was mauled and forced to pull back to their staging areas.[1]

In 3054 the cluster was stationed on Blackjack, and was still in position in 3060. Their base was built on the foundations of the former School of Conflict.[2][3] By 3067 the cluster had taken up a garrison post on Homer.[4]

The final fate of the Cluster is not known, but they would not have survived the destruction of Omega Galaxy or that of Clan Steel Viper in 3075.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 80th Fang
Star Colonel Alaid Running-Elk 3054 - 3067[6][4]


In the 3050s the Galaxy Commander had given the orders to the Star Colonel of the Cluster to use all opportunities to secure victory. This included urban warfare, traps and other "dirty Inner Sphere tactics". [6]

Composition History[edit]


Eightieth Fang - Regular/Fanatical [7]


Eightieth Fang - Regular/Fanatical [4]

  • 90% full strength with 95% of the force equipped with OmniMechs



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