Alberto Crow

Alberto Crow
Alberto Crow
Born 3037[1]
Affiliation Clan Snow Raven
Raven Alliance
Rank Khan

Alberto Crow (born 3037 - died 3???) was a young warrior and officer who would go on to become the Khan of Clan Snow Raven and a leader of the Raven Alliance.[1][2]


An acknowledged ristar of Clan Snow Raven, Alberto Crow competed for and won the Bloodname belonging to former saKhan Joseph Crow during his first few years just after becoming a warrior. By age 23 he held the rank of Star Colonel, and was the commander of the 6th Raven Regulars. He was at that time one of the youngest Star Colonels in the Raven touman.[3] He was still in command in 3067.[4][5] His youth and energy helped to fuel his reputation for being a victorious commander, though some have suggested that his only flaw is that he strives too hard in his achievements. Maturity and experience would temper this in time.[1]

Ristar Ascendant[edit]

Details of his campaigns and battles among the Clans are few, but his rise through the ranks of Clan Snow Raven spoke well of his prowess. Crow would go on to be elected saKhan of the Snow Ravens during the Jihad, after having spent time and energy breaking the political power of former saKhan Broderick Sukhanov. During this time he would also lead several campaigns against the Draconis Combine, striking at the dragon from over the Outworlds Alliance border. He was noted for scourging the Raven's enemies, not being overly concerned about collateral damage caused by his tactics.[1]

Khan of Clan Snow Raven[edit]

Serving under Khan Lynn McKenna, saKhan Crow was initially overlooked by his Khan with regard to succession, as she had gathered a group of possible successors to take over leadership of the Snow Ravens, a group that did not include Crow. Some took this as a sign that the young Crow was still too immature by usual Snow Raven reckoning. But this had the effect of driving him to achieve the position on his own within only a few years after her death. There are no dates given for when his reign began, so it is not known if he directly succeeded Khan McKenna or if there was perhaps an interim leader from her pool of prospects that preceded Crow.[1][2]

It is known that Snow Raven's overtures for a formal alliance with the Outworlds Alliance finally came to fruition during his reign on the 6th of November, 3083, forming what would come to be known as the Raven Alliance. To cement the deal, Khan Crow assured Alliance President Mitchell Avellar that the Snow Ravens would do everything in their power to defend the nation's borders, especially against dramatically increasing aggression from their Draconis Combine neighbors. Though the Raven Alliance is still coming together, Khan Crow softened his approach, applying his Clan's technological advances to assist in streamlining civilian industries all throughout Alliance space. Some warriors in the Clan felt that Khan Crow was not moving with enough haste - namely, his saKhan, Thorsten Magnus - but most admit that his plans have worked out well for the budding nation-state that has been forged on the edge of the Periphery.[2]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Lynn McKenna
Khan of Clan Snow Raven
308? - ????[2]

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Broderick Sukhanov[1]
saKhan of Clan Snow Raven
307? - 308?

Succeeded by
Thorsten Magnus


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