Alfonse DeSimon

Alfonse DeSimon
Died 2467
Affiliation House DeSimon
Title(s) Graf
Profession Noble


Alfonse DeSimon was a Graf on Fatima who lost his title to Michael Reynolds, Duke of Fatima for the harsh treatment he gave to his people.[1][2]

He convinced several impressive youngster from his planet and convinced them to kill Archon Alistair Steiner and implicate Duke Michael Reynolds so when the Steiner family executed him, a public out-clime from Fatima would topple House Steiner as rulers.

The plot nearly succeeded, and it was only because of the love the nearly appointed Archon Michael Steiner had to Michael Reynolds, that he stalled the execution to give time to LIC to uncover DeSimon's plot.

Once discovered, DeSimon confessed and was executed, as was the group of assassins in 2467.[1][2]


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