Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds
Character Profile
Born 2416[1]
Died 2469[1]
Affiliation House Reynolds
Profession Duke of Fatima
Parents Deven Reynolds (father)
Katherine Steiner (mother)
Siblings Alistair Steiner (half-brother)
Spouse Zephina Tamar[1]
Children Bruce Reynolds

Michael Reynolds was a Lyran Commonwealth noble ruler of the world Fatima, and the second son of Archon Katherine Steiner.


In 2467 Raymond's brother, Alistair, was assassinated in his own bedchambers by five youths. Initially Raymond was accused but it was revealed months later that minor noble, Graf Alfonse DeSimon, had set up Alistair's brother for the murder to take revenge on the Duke of Fatima for stripping of him of his lands.[2] This event left the Commonwealth in turmoil and depression for years to come.

He married Zephina Tamar, but lost her when she gave birth to their son, Bruce Reynolds.[1]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Deven Reynolds
Duke of Fatima

Succeeded by
Bruce Reynolds


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