Amau Electronics

Amau Electronics
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Trondheim
Primary Products Electronics

Amau Electronics is a producer of consumer and military electronics within the Draconis Combine[1].

Company Profile[edit]

Home Office: Silvaton, Trondheim

President/CEO: Marquis Yasumoto Amau (Circa 3025)


Amau Electronics made a variety of consumer electronics (i.e. microwaves, music players, automatic hair stylers, holo displays) for the people of the Combine. When compared to similar goods made in the other Successor States, their quality was very low as all the best materials and expertise was diverted to the military in Combine society.

However, as of 3025, there was a fad within the Draconis Combine to purchase electronic "toys." This was fed by recent exposure to Davion and Steiner goods on occupied worlds. While the buying benefited the local planetary economies and Amau's bottom line, the government of the Combine watched this trend closely. If this fascination with toys became a detriment to society, the government was ready to denounce the decadent, foreign-influenced luxuries.[2].

Amau also supplied the Combine military with a variety of communication and targeting equipment for use in BattleMechs. These products were later sent to the military of the Free Rasalhague Republic after its creation in 3034. However, this ended when the Clans invaded the Inner Sphere. Since then, Clan Ghost Bear first took over control of the Amau factory on Trondheim.[3] They were later followed by Clan Diamond Shark when they opened up trading posts within the Inner Sphere.

After the Clan Invasion and through the Jihad, Amau Electronics continued to produce communications systems, but did so for Clan Diamond Shark. The Sharks had no interest in the civilian portion of the plant, and so Amau's consumer electronics production fell rapidly.[4]


Amau Electronics has a manufacturing center on the following planet:


During the Jihad the plant suffered no damage and was operating at full maximum output in 3079.[5]

Components produced on Trondheim:
Component Type
Communications System
Sipher Commcon SCU-4 Panther and Phoenix Hawk[3]
Neil 500+ Tyr, APC, Scorpion, Axel, Vedette, Skulker, Hetzer/Shipped to Alshain LRM & SRM Carrier[3]
Neil 9000 Shipped to Satalice for Archer[3]
Sipher Commcon SCU-4 Shipped to Satalice for Panther & Phoenix Hawk[3]
Targeting-Tracking System
RCA Econotrac Tyr, APC, Scorpion, Axel, Vedette, Skulker & Hetzer/Shipped to Alshain for LRM & SRM Carrier[3]
RCA Instatrac Mark VI Shipped to Satalice for Phoenix Hawk[3]
RCA Instatrac Mark VIII Shipped to Alshain for Arcus
RCA Instatrac Mark IX Shipped to Alshain for Kodiak
RCA Instatrac Mark XII with Artemis IV System Shipped to Satalice for Panther & Archer[3]


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