Andrea Shillery

Andrea Shillery
Affiliation ComStar
Profession Precentor


Andrea Shillery was a Precentor within Comstar who raised to command the 388th Division between 3052 and 3067.[1]

While her division was stationed in Graceland, Colonel Cyrus Andes from the Eleventh Donegal Guards ordered the Eleventh to disarm the 388th Division. Despite the 388th's decision to pull back to ComStar defensive emplacements, and the Third Lyran Guards' best efforts to contain their fellow unit, the Eleventh Donegal launched near suicidal attacks on the Com Guard unit, provoking extremists to attempt to bomb Graceland's HPG compound. Angered that Andes' actions had now led ComStar to order a Communications Interdiction of the world, the Third Guards' commander Leutnant-General Paul Zardetto ordered his unit to push aside the Eleventh and completely contain the 388th. While apologizing for the Eleventh's action, Zardetto ordered the three-hundred and eighty-eighth to withdraw to prevent further escalation of the situation. Recognizing they had little choice to avoid fanning the conflict, Precentor Shillery agreed, with the stipulation that a mixed 'Mech and armored infantry Level III be left behind to guard the HPG compound from further attacks. The 388th lifted off Graceland on February 5th, bound for Kandersteg.[2]

With the Clan Jade Falcon incursion of the Lyran Alliance, Precentor Gavin Dow ordered the 388th back to Graceland to reinforce the Eleventh Dongeal despite the bad blood between both units. The 74th Battle and 22nd Provisional Garrison Clusters landed on June 1st, focusing their attacks on destroying the Eleventh before turning their full attention to the three-hundred and eighty-eighth in late June. By this point Archer Christifori's Archer's Avengers and sections of the 20th Arcturan Guards had landed to assist in the defense of planet, pushing the Falcons back. [3]

Her actions during both the units ejection and then fighting in the Jade Falcon Incursion earned her considerable renown for her skill and courage.[4]


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