Andrew Hallis

Andrew David Hallis
Andrew Hallis
Born 3038
Died 3053
Affiliation House Hallis
Profession MechWarrior
Parents Bordon Hallis (father)
Siblings Kristin Hallis
Leonard Hallis

Andrew David Hallis (born 3038- died 3053)

Physical appearance[edit]

Andrew was as short as his brother Leonard, but thanks to working regularly, he was in peak physical condition. His light-colored hair and light blue eyes give him a face than people trust. He tatooed the Eridani Light Horse Regiment and his unit designation, the Bloody Half-Hundred.


Andrew was born in 3038 on Royal, just prior of the Federated Commonwealth "liberation" of the planet. Raised with his big brother Leonard in foster care until was 16 years old, but ran away from his foster home when Leonard left for the NAIS. For several years, lived in the edge of society, barely earning an existance. Eventually, he enlisted in the Federated Commonwealth Armed Forces, and was given an opportunity to learn how to pilot a BattleMech in the Fourth Crucis Lancers, where he served for five years. He mustered out and headed for Galatea, where eventually earned a temporary position in the Eridani Light Horse's 151st Light Horse Regiment, and, for the first time in his life, he felt had found a home.[1] The lieutenant was setting as a discipline problem, and was promoted three times, but twice was demoted for insubordination, but even this could not make him leave his regiment. Unknown to him, his family was too his doom: one of his ancestors, Franklin Hallis, left the Inner Sphere three centuries ago with Operation Exodus, and helped to form the Clans... more specifically, Clan Wolverine.[2] Despite the distant and indirect relationship, for Clan Steel Viper and Clan Nova Cat, who killed his father and aunt, Bordon Hallis and Jodi Ann Hallis, respectively, in the Battle of Tukayyid, it was enough for both clans to engage on a Trial of Bloodright, essentially, a big reward lay by Nicholas Kerensky to hunt and annihilate all descendants of Clan Wolverine.[3] The Clans stars than had killed Bordon and Jodi Ann began their manhunt: after a information raid on planet Morges, they uncovered Kristin and their siblings existence, and they go for them. Kristin was the first target.[4] After killing Kristi in planet Rukbat, both units go for Leonard. despite the fact he was on Northwind, home of Northwind Highlanders, they land and managed to kill in combat the engineer, despite the fact he was protected in a ComStar compound... and both Clan units escaped and go for the last Hallis: Andrew. Both Clan star found him, with his unit, on the planet Zurich. In the final approach, Andrew contacted both and, claiming to want to prevent more innocent lives in the inevitable battle, offered Safcon to both and gave them a landing site to meet them and discuss the battle terms.[5] The landing site was in the southern continent of Zurich, near a abandoned village named Joppa. The three opposite sides agreed on the terms, and the final battle of the Bloodright was to begun... but despite his apparent outside calm appearance, Andrew was full of desire of revenge for his family, and had created a big trap to crush them all: the ground was full of vibrabombs and the Light Eridani Horses attacked with more 'Mechs than they promised.

Death and legacy[edit]

Andrew's trap wasn't enough to save his life, and after being attacked by so many units, the Clanners concentrated their fire on Andrew's Marauder, killing him.[6] Both units remnants managed to escape and return to the Clans Occupation zone, where later they engaged on a trial to determine which one had win the Bloodright. Andrew's death put an end to the existence of all known members of the House Hallis.[7]


Andrew is a person who can get along with almost everyone, but isn't too close to no one. His stubborn streak of defiance against authority was so high than no amount of discipline can break. He was also a consummate liar and con man, a gambler who runs the highest stakes poker game in his regiment. His primary concern in the life was himself. Described as a skilled MechWarrior, his talent was matched by his inflated ego and bragging tongue.[8]


Leonard's 'Mech was a MAD-5D Marauder.[9]


Theoretically, Andrew was the last Hallis alive, but his words, when dealing with the Vipers, about no matter what happened on the trial, no Clansman ever comes after any family still left to me may implicate than some of his relatives may be still alive.[10]


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