Anita Chu Lai

Anita Chu Lai
Affiliation Waco Rangers
Profession Sergeant


Sergeant Anita Chu Lai (b. ???? - d. ????) was a veteran Javelin pilot with the Waco Rangers[1] as of ca. 3025.

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In the 1989 MechWarrior video game, which is set between ca. 3024 and 3028, A. Chu Lai appears as a mercenary MechWarrior who is "formerly a Javelin pilot in Winston's Scout Lance, Waco Rangers", and a possible recruit for the Blazing Aces. This suggests she left the Waco Rangers (at least temporarily) some time between ca. 3025 and 3028.

In the video game, both her gunnery and piloting skills are "Excellent", the best rating possible, and her pay rate is amongst the highest in the game to match.

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On 9 Septemer 3032 Anita Chu Lai, still (or again) a sergeant with the Waco Rangers and piloting a Javelin, was part of a scout contingent (elements of Kelly's Support Battalion, namely Winston's Scout Lance and Kelly's Scout Lance) that fought against Snord's Irregulars on Nockatunga, where the Rangers unsuccessfully tried to lure the Irregulars into a trap in the city of Thule using Demmings Crystal as bait. Seeing through the trap, Snord's Irregulars liberated the bait in a commando action. Winston's Scout Lance spotted Irregulars' 'Mechs in Thule and the Rangers units attempted to break free of the Irregulars' jamming range to warn Colonel Wayne Waco that his trap was up. Only one of the five Waco Ranger 'Mechs – two Javelins, two Jenners and a Wasp – escaped; it was not specified which one but according to a witness both Jenners were destroyed and the escaping 'Mech was apparently one of the Javelins which was said in the same sentence to have been "finished off" but also "still up and running" (which may mean the 'Mech retreated but had suffered damage that neutralized it as a combatant).[2] It may or may not have been Anita Chu Lai's.

It is noteworthy that in the scenario depicting the 3032 encounter, her piloting and gunnery skills are given as 5/4, which is the skill level of a standard "regular" pilot ("veteran" and "elite" pilots having both numbers better by one and two, respectively). Going strictly by those stats, Anita Chu Lai and one of the Jenner pilots with identical skills are actually the worst two MechWarriors in the Waco Rangers lineup, both in this scenario and the subsequent scenario that featured the Waco Rangers command company in a battle elsewhere during the same action.


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