Antilos Legos

Antilos Legos
Antilos Legos
Character Profile
Born 8 May 2725[1]
Died 24 March 2777[1]
Affiliation Amaris Empire;
Free Worlds League (previous)
Profession Strategic Operation Director

Antilos Legos was the Commanding Officer of the Greenhaven Gestapo and Strategic Operation Director for the Amaris Empire Armed Forces.


Antilos was born on the Free Worlds League district of Abbey into an abusive family. It is believed that at the age of thirteen, Antilos killed his father in order to be able to escape the abuse.[1]

In the early 2740s, he joined up with the mercenary unit, Hudson's Legion, and fought with the unit during the Third Hidden War. His methods during the war gained him much respect and fear in the process. His commanding officers were unable to accept his methods, so Antilos left the unit in 2747.[1]

In 2750, Antilos took control of his fate and raised his own mercenary unit called Legos's Lancers. During a contract on the Lyran world of Novara, where the Lancers were under contract to garrison the city of Greenhaven for the local lord, the town mayor likened the unit to Adolf Hitler's Gestapo due to the unit's vicious and authoritarian tactics. Legos himself was so amused by the "insult" that when the contract expired, he rechristened the unit the Greenhaven Gestapo.[1]

By the early 2760s, Antilos began serving as a military advisor to Stefan Amaris. When Operation APOTHEOSIS began, Legos and his Greenhaven Gestapo were at the vanguard of the operation. Due to the unit's violent nature, Stefan used the unit whenever he needed troops for an irregular operation.[1]

Antilos and his mercenary unit became infamous for what they did to the Catholic Church in Rome on Terra. Legos created a sham of trial over the College of Cardinals where he was prosecutor and judge. He offered to free the hierarchy if they were able to pay for their ransom. Due to the church losing all of its funds during the coup, they were unable to, which allowed for Antilos to find them guilty. He personally executed Pope Clement XXVII before he unleashed his men on the rest of the Cardinals and the citizens of Rome.[1]

In 2765, due to his unit's loyalty to Amaris, they were given complete and total control of the country of Italy on Terra.[1] After taking control of the Italian Peninsula, Antilos left many of the cities in total anarchy which brought about the rise of many gangs. He encouraged gang warfare, holding out the possibility of joining the mercenary unit as an incentive to create ingenuity and viciousness for the new members.[2]

By 2774, he was a General with the Rim World Republic's Republican Guards in addition to commanding the Greenhaven Gestapo, and was considered a longtime advisor to Stefan Amaris; it was noted that he had helped Amaris plan his coup.[3]

Antilos waged a bitter campaign against the Star League Defense Force during their Operation LIBERATION. The Gestapo used terror tactics and chemical weapons on the 6th Army, dealing significant damage but not able to defeat an entire army. He died in the final battle for Italy, outside Ferrara.[1]


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