Axel Ferber

Axel Ferber
Also known as"Demoyan"
DiedMay 3050
AffiliationFree Rasalhague Republic

Kapten Axel Ferber was a Draconis Combine and Free Rasalhague Republic MechWarrior during the thirty-first century.[1]



Initially serving the Draconis Combine as part of the Proserpina Hussars, Ferber joined the KungsArmé on the formation of the Free Rasalhague Republic, providing a welcome counter-balance to the Lyran Commonwealth trained First Tyr who dominated the new defense force. Training Rasalhague MechWarriors in the light and medium ’Mech tactics in which he was expert, Ferber retired from active service in 3049.

He however returned to the fight during the Clan Invasion, assuming command of the Trondheim Freedom Defenders when Clan Ghost Bear invaded in May 3050. He managed to destroy a Star of OmniMechs by luring them onto Trondheim's Lava Web, a flat plain of lava which alternated between strong enough and not to support the weight of 'Mechs. The remaining Ghost Bears were however able to push back Ferber and his forces to the planetary capital Misby Flats, where Ferber died in the brutal close city combat together with his troops.[1][2]


Ferber's legacy remained a point of contention in the combined Clan and Inner Sphere Rasalhague Dominion as late of 3150, with Trondheim natives' desire to provide him with a memorial, being rejected by Ghost Bear authorities who considered his tactics to have been dishonorable.[1]


Ferber was known to have piloted a Chameleon BattleMech.[1]


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