Benj Malthus

Benj Malthus
Born 9th June 3101
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Star Captain


Benj Malthus was a trueborn warrior from Clan Jade Falcon. Hailing from the same blood heritage as Taman Malthus hi is a large warrior nearly elemental size with brown hair and blue eyes and a booming voice, he sounds more like an Elemental than the MechWarrior he is. He does boast some of the genes the Clans use for their battle-armored soldiers, but he was bred instead for the keen reflexes of a MechWarrior.[1]

Benj refuses to acknowledge him as a hero to the Clan and is indeed disgusted by Taman's storied friendship with the Spheroid hero, Kai Allard-Liao. He is a known to expose neo-Crusader philosophies and believes that any warrior, past or present, who respects the filthy surats of the Inner Sphere is beneath all respect and admiration.[2][1]

While unblooded, he was assigned to a unit in Zeta Galaxy when Clan Wolf staged a massive Trial of Possession for the world of Colmar in early 3131, Benj scored two BattleMech kills and destroyed two squads of infantry during that Trial with his particular Gyrfalcon, a performance that qualified him for a sponsor in a Trial of Bloodright which he won.[1]

Some time after that he was transferred to the 124th Striker with the rank of Star Captain.[2]


He piloted a modified Gyrfalcon that served as base for the Gyrfalcon 3.[1]


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