Buffered Vehicular Direct Neural Interface

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Buffered Vehicular Direct Neural Interface was an improvement on standard VDNI developed for the Manei Domini. Introduced several years after the start of the Jihad, buffered VDNI was available only to those who held the rank of Omicron. While operating similarly to standard VDNI, the buffered model further enhanced the neurological fail-safes to create a safer, more potent system. At best, this only increased a Buffered VDNI user's life span to fifteen years and delayed the onset of madness. Buffered VDNI was also incompatible with standard VDNI.[1]



In CBT play, Buffered VDNI units ignore the negative effects of a Small Cockpit and apply a -1 to all Gunnery rolls. While ignoring the effects of internal structure damage unless the warrior is also equipped with a Pain Shunt any critical hits require a roll of 2D6, with the warrior suffering 1 point of damage on a result of 8 or more. Buffered VDNI-equipped vehicles require only one pilot to operate and use the MechWarrior Consciousness Table to track damage to the pilot, while any Commander Hit, Gunner Hit and Crew Stunned result are treated as pilot hits.[1]


In RPG play, a Buffered VDNI-implanted operative with the requisite skills, plugged into a machine equipped to interface with Buffered VDNI, halves all modifiers when making certain Gunnery checks and ignores all penalties associated with a Small Cockpit. If the machine suffers internal damage or a critical hit, they must make a BOD/WIL check or suffer 2D6 points damage plus margin of error. Gamemasters who wish to account for Buffered VDNI's madness effect may grant warriors 1 level of any Madness Trait per three full years of implantation.[1]


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