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Of all the WarShip tags for Great Houses, only "Lyran WarShips" does not have the complete name of the realm. This distinction is intentional: it allows us to group WarShips used by both the Lyran Commonwealth and Lyran Alliance. Does anyone disagree?--S.gage

I disagree. The Lyran state is changing its name alot. It will be the devil adding more and more categorying listing particular ships to use of the Commonwealth, Alliance and then Commonwealth again, god knows what else in the future. Just keep it Lyran WarShips to keep it simplified. There not going be alot more WarShips any how so why make over detailed? -- Wrangler 13:12, 17 October 2009 (UTC)
You mean you agree, we should leave Lyran WarShips as Lyran WarShips to avoid separate categories for Lyran Commonwealth WarShips and Lyran Alliance WarShips, etc. :)--S.gage

Faction Categories - Manufactured vs Deployed[edit]

Bit of a divide, we have some which list just classes manufactured and deployed by that faction, others which list class deployed by the faction. Which to favor? No objection to deployed rather than manufactured, but ships like the Aegis have been deployed by all factions save the Periphery states so is going to be very weighed down with categories. Cyc 06:23, 23 October 2009 (UTC)

This is a tough question, also one I have considered for a while. I don't have a good answer. My rule of thumb so far has been three factors: who constructed the class, who received the majority of the production (past, present, etc.), and who (if anyone) has produced variants.
However, I would be just fine with who deploys the vessel and who designed/constructed the vessel - it seems easiest. Personally, I use categories as a quick reference for determining if a unit is used by a faction, and listing every faction for the Aegis-class would be helpful. The only problem I see could be listing individual Clans, or factions who have inherited vessels, including Comstar and the WoB. Would you list the Tharkad-class as a WoB WarShip? Personally, I would not.--S.gage
This is also an issue I have struggled with regarding other unit types. WarShips are more problematic than most, I think, because of their individual longevity. As S.gage pointed out, what constitutes a "ComStar" WarShip? I have always advocated using the faction that manufactures it as a standard because any faction could field one of almost anything (WarShips perhaps being the exception). For example, is the Mjolnir-class a Clan Wolf-in-Exile ship, or is the Fredasa-class a mercenary ship?
Honestly, I think my suggestion is to not use faction categories for WarShips at all. There are so few designs that each class can have a list of named vessels, so I don't think it's a hardship to simply rely on the description for this information. Battle armor is in a similar situation because there are so few designs. I divided them up by tech base, rather than faction, so there are only two categories: Clan & Inner Sphere. I think this distinction may also work for WarShips. --Scaletail 23:05, 23 October 2009 (UTC)
I agree with everything Scaletail say here, except to not use factions at all. For instance, the Fox-class was produced by two factions, the Federated Suns and the Lyran Alliance. I would not list any other powers (and have not done so). My idea is simple factions only: 1) factions which manufacture the ship, or 2) purchased/inherited large numbers of vessels (ex. Star League vessels inherited by the Clans; no specific Clans, though). I already made these changes to BTW, you can check my faction groupings - if there are glaring problems, I suggest posting the problem here, or making the change and listing the rationale on the altered page.--S.gage