Clippership IV

Clippership IV
Production information
Manufacturer Deimos Clipperships
Production Year 2422[1]
Use Transport
Type Civilian Spheroid
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Primitive)
Technical specifications
Mass ? tons
Structural Integrity
Length meters
Width meters
Height meters
Safe Thrust
Max Thrust
Fuel (tons)
Fuel (days)


The Clippership IV class of DropShuttles debuted in 2422, and was Deimos Clipperships' entry into the .[1] The mass of the Clippership IV was not stated, but it had a cargo capacity of 4,000 tons[1] and as a DropShuttle it would have been limited to no more than 5,000 tons of mass

A modified Clippership IV, the Nimbus III, would become the first-ever proper DropShip in a technical sense in 2458 by being equipped with a K-F Boom and Docking Collar, able to dock with a standardized Hardpoint on a JumpShip.[1] Within a decade of this technological breakthrough, Deimos Clipperships developed two distinct (though related) DropShips from the proven Clippership IV hull, the Clippership V and the 6.400 ton Czar.[1]

Based on the fact that the Nimbus III was a modified Clippership IV, the class has been categorized as both a DropShuttle and a DropShip.


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