College of Martial Sciences Cadet Cadre

College of Martial Sciences Cadet Cadre
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Parent Formation AFFC/AFFS

Arguably the most prestigious military academy in the Inner Sphere, CMS turns out high-quality cadets in all military specialties. CMS used to be called the New Avalon Military Academy. The NAMA was founded during the Star League years after the League took over Albion Military Academy. After the NAIS was built around the NAMA it far eclipsed it in prestige, however, the institutions were reorganized and NAMA was placed under the jurisdiction of the NAIS. Home to some of the most advanced training equipment in the Inner Sphere, CMS benefits from its close relationship with the NAIS, which seems to rediscover lost technology on a daily basis.

Its large alumni base includes Prince Ian Davion, Morgan Hasek-Davion, Dan Allard, and Duke Kai Allard-Liao.



After sustaining heavy casualties in the Jihad, the NAIS CMS Cadet Cadre was disbanded when Princess-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion signed the Academy Appropriations War Powers Act in 3078. This act conscripted the surviving members of the Training Cadre into the AFFS. As a result, the Cadres were disbanded in 3078 and integrated into the Davion Brigade of Guards. The future of the Cadre is unknown, but if reconstituted, it will likely follow the LCT model.[1]


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