Consuelo Calderon

Consuelo Calderon
Character Profile
Born 2625
Died 2671
Affiliation House Calderon
Title(s) Protector
Profession Noble
Parents Richard Calderon (father)


Consuelo Calderon was Henry Calderon's choice to succeed him in 2629 when she was only four years old. Her father was Henry's nephew, Richard Calderon. She claimed her right of succession in 2650 at the age of 25.[1] Consuelo had come to power in a time of détente among the Periphery nations and the Star League, and was a skilled and able administrator as well as a gifted diplomat. She was so well-regarded by her peers among the Star League High Council that she was elected Second Lord (vice-president) of that body in 2663, and in 2667 was the first Periphery representative to ever preside over a session of that body, the last to do so until the Amaris Civil War.[1] For her even justice, she was known throughout the Inner Sphere and Concordat as Consuelo the Fair.

Consuelo died of heart disease at the age of 46. The protectorate went to Marantha Calderon's great-grandson Reginald Calderon.[1] There is no record of Consuelo marrying or having children.


  • Consuelo's specific blood relation to Marantha Calderon is not detailed in the sources referenced here other than being the great-niece of Henry Calderon, who was Marantha's nephew; Consuelo would be Marantha's great-great-granddaughter or (more likely) great-great-niece if she was from the same line of the family and didn't have to change her name to Calderon when she became Protector. In The Periphery sourcebook, the line of succession refers to the Protector's blood relation to Marantha from this point onward until Nicoletta Calderon.


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