Reginald Calderon

Reginald Calderon
Character Profile
Affiliation House Calderon
Title(s) Protector
Profession Noble
Children Jentarra Calderon
Brandon Calderon


Reginald Calderon was the great-grandson of Marantha Calderon, last of the Protectors to lead the Concordat during the Reunification War, and Reginald would succeed Consuelo Calderon as Protector after her death in 2671. Reginald's most notable achievement was the Education Reform Act of 2678, crafted in response to First Lord Michael Cameron's attempt to enforce a heavy-handed pro–Star League educational curriculum on the Territorial States. The law eventually resulted in the Taurian Concordat achieving the highest literacy rate per capita in the Human Sphere.[1]


Reginald retired in 2687 to write his autobiography, a work that was mostly fiction and personal fantasy. His daughter Jentarra Calderon succeeded him.


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