Marantha Calderon

This article is about the Protector of the Taurian Concordat. For the Concordat-class frigate, see Marantha Calderon (Concordat).
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Martha Calderon
Character Profile
Died 23 September 2596
Affiliation House Calderon
Title(s) Protector
Profession Noble
Parents Mitchell Calderon (father)
Siblings Argento Calderon[1]
Spouse Peter Carliss


Marantha Calderon was Mitchell Calderon's daughter and heir to the Protectorship during the Reunification War. She was married to Peter Carliss and had three children with him. Upon Mitchell's death in 2588 Marantha assumed leadership of her nation as it struggled to resist the Star League invasion forces. Although the Taurian Defense Forces and the civilian guerrillas had fought bravely and cunningly, by 2590 the SLDF had taken all but the Hyades Cluster worlds.[2] Marantha had tried to use more defensive tactics to hold her planets against the invaders but SLDF reinforcements from the conquered Rim Worlds Republic and Outworlds Alliance were too much to resist. Beginning in the spring of 2591 the naval forces of the SLDF probed Flannagan's Nebulea and began a five-year slog through the hardened defenses of the Cluster.[3][4]


SLDF Naval forces finally broke through the TDF lines in 2595 and began advancing on the last free worlds of the Taurian Concordat. Marantha decided to spare her people and ordered the TDF to surrender and stand down. On September 22, 2596 the Taurian Conflict officially ended. Marantha Calderon committed suicide the next day. Her body was cremated and her ashes were scattered into space.[4] Her death led to the first succession crisis of House Calderon.[5]


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