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Production information
Model CRG
Class Ultralight
Technical specifications
'Mech type Clan BattleMech
Mass 10 tons
Chassis Endo steel
Armor Standard armor
Engine 100 XL engine
Communications System unknown
Targeting Tracking System unknown
Heat Sinks 10 single heat sinks
Speed 162.0 km/h
BV (1.0) Unknown
BV (2.0) Unknown


Little information is so far known about the Corgi, save one example of the design is utilized by a member of Clan Spaniel.[1]

The Corgi is known to feature the following MWO quirks:[1]

  • +50 Adorableness
  • -90% Tail Length
  • -90% Leg Length
  • +10 min Bark Duration
  • +50% Fluffiness

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Weighing in at 10 tons, the ultralight Corgi makes use of all weight-saving technology available to the Clans, mounting a 100-rated extralight fusion engine which propels it to 162.0 km/h, while an endo steel frame saves weight for ten standard heat sinks. The design's defensive coverage is suitably impressive, being equal to 19 tons despite its dramatically lower weight.[2]

The Corgi's offensive loadout is also fearsome given the 'Mech's light weight, carrying an ATM-3 in each arm in support of an LB 20-X AC in each side torso. Six tons of ATM reloads and three of LB-X rounds provide amazing endurance in the field.[2]

Custom Variants[edit]

  • CRG-CA Cardigan 
    Piloted by MechWarrior Pembroke, Cardigan includes a number of unique features - the first mix-tech MWO 'Mech and the first MWO 'Mech to include non-canon weaponry. Armed with a trio of micro pulse lasers in each arm, the Cardigan also mounts an Inner Sphere-grade Beagle active probe in the left torso, a Watchdog Combined Electronic Warfare System in the center torso, and IS-grade Bloodhound active probe in the right torso. A TAG in each side-torso allows the Cardigan to spot for missiles and assist in countering two or more ECM suites. The Cardigan's most unique feature, however, is its head-mounted Sonic Cannon; this so-far non-canon cannon takes up no tonnage or hardpoints and is integrated exclusively into this Hero 'Mech. This new weapon does zero damage, but its bark rate of 1.33 omnidirectional barks per second causes severe annoyance in enemy pilots. Built around the same engine and endo steel frame as the standard CRG-1, a swap to ferro-fibrous armor is intended to save weight for this unique loadout.[1] [2]

Notable Pilots[edit]

  • MechWarrior Pembroke - One of the youngest members of Clan Spaniel, Pembroke has a reputation as a brash and scrappy warrior, taken to chasing retreating Five Evil Monkey Tribe 'Mechs and herd them back to face honorable combat. To aid her in her task, her Corgi, the Cardigan, has been extensively modified, including mounting Five Monkey active probes to allow her to showcase the superiority of Clan technology on a single chassis. Though she hopes to prove she has what it takes to one day be a Khan, her tactics have definitely attracted the attention of the Five Monkey Tribes, who often send swarms of Fleas to attack her.[1]


  • As expected of an April Fool's product (barring two other exceptions), the Corgi by default should be considered non-canon. However, it may be considered by some to be "canon" to the in-universe broadcast The Adventures of Clan Spaniel.
  • Should the Corgi somehow become canon in its existing Prime configuration, it would be subject to the Illegal Design quirk due to being close to 20 tons overweight.


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