The Cracked Canopy

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The Cracked Canopy is a popular MechWarrior Bar in Solaris City's International Zone.[1]


Located on the corner of Memorial Avenue and Defiance Street, the venue took up the entire bottom floor of a three-story building five blocks from the spaceport, and featured a cracked Catapult BattleMech canopy rumored to be from a Word of Blake 'Mech mounted over the main doors. It was an open, bright place, with light wood dominating the décor. Monitors are mounted at strategic locations allowing patrons to watch anything from 'Mech fights to soap operas.[1][2]

The Memory Wall[edit]

One of The Cracked Canopy's most notable features is the "Memory Wall" that displays mementos of glorious victories and defeats during the Jihad or the Clan Invasion, both on Solaris VII and elsewhere, of honorable loyalties and venomous betrayals, of lifelong friendships and lost loves, to serve as a remembrance of those lost, ensuring that the past will not be forgotten. Hanging or sitting on small shelves attached to the wall, each enshrined object has a story to tell and anybody is allowed to place an item on the wall as long as it is inorganic and non-Blakist.[1]


  • Leo - general manager who frequently speaks with patrons with items that end up on the "Memory Wall".[1]
  • Sedge - Day bartender circa 3090.[1]
  • Ms. Silver - The Cracked Canopy's unseen owner.[1]


The Cracked Canopy was first introduced as a framing device for the Tales from the Cracked Canopy series in the Shrapnel magazine, a spiritual successor to the Tales of the Cobalt Coil from BattleTechnology magazine. The individual stories usually revolve around an item on the "Memory Wall" and its background story as narrated by the patron who donates the item to the wall, usually within a framework story narrated in the first person by bar manager Leo.


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