Daniel Calderon

Daniel Calderon
Character Profile
Died 2390
Affiliation House Calderon
Rank Protector of the Realm
Parents Richard Calderon (father)
Children Amanda Calderon


Little is known about Daniel Calderon. He was the son of Richard Calderon and assumed the Protectorship upon Richard's death in 2387. Though Richard held several extraordinary emergency powers due to the "imminent" Davion invasion, it is implied that Daniel relinquished them upon becoming Protector. Border disputes with the Capellan Confederation also emerged during Daniel's brief reign, though actual clashes with the Capellan Navy did not occur until after his death. Daniel died of a brain tumour in 2390 leaving a single heir, his three-year-old daughter Amanda Calderon. This would create the first Regent for House Calderon and the Taurian Concordat.[1]


It is not stated who Daniel married nor who was Amanda's mother. It can only be inferred that Daniel had no other living kin as no other Calderon came forward to act as regent. But there is no account of how many children Richard had or lost, nor is there any account of Richard's siblings if he had any.


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