Darla Westin

Darla Westin
Also known as "Sucker Punch"
Profession Arena Gladiator


Darla Westin was a Capellan Confederation national, that quickly became a media darling upon her arrival on Solaris VII in 3126.

She was a skillful fighter who configured her Centurion OmniMech to exploit each opponent's weaknesses. Westin's most favored pod configuration matched the loadout of Yen-Lo-Wang, the legendary Centurion of Solaris Champions Justin Allard and Kai Allard-Liao. Westin won nearly every engagement using this configuration.

In 3127, Westin piloted her 'Mech into The Jungle arena to face a secret challenger. This challenger was none other than Yen-Lo-Wang, piloted by Danai Liao-Centrella. The original Yen-Lo-Wang and the pretender squared off, but the crowd was clearly set against Westin from the beginning. Regardless of how well Westin fought, she could not bring herself to destroy her inspiration. Instead, she gave the audience a good show and let her 'Mech succumb to Danai's attacks.

After that combat, she sold her 'Mech and departed Solaris, destination unknown.[1]




She pilots a Centurion called Shishi (named for a Chinese stone lion statue).[1]


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