Davarapala Accords

The Davarapala Accords was an internal Draconis Combine document signed in 2921.


The document, signed by Coordinator Shinjiro Kurita and Internal Security Force Director Clarissa Indrahar, gave the director of the ISF a seat on the DCMS High Council.

The document was the result of the efforts to mend the rift between the Dragon and the ISF left after the Shadow War. Shinjiro was successful, although he had to make a number of concessions to the ISF.[1]


When one of the "Dragon Renewals" more contentious points when Hohiro Kurita tried to make Japanese the sole and only accepted language in the Combine, with violations punishable by public whippings, the edict was met with such a massive wave of public protest that Hohiro was forced to sullenly cancel the edict in 2978. Not even the dread ISF was above the interference of Hohiro's "Dragon Renewals". Alarmed when the Coordinator announced his intention to review and repeal the Davarapala Accords, the ISF responded by burning a symbol of their power in his favorite garden. Instead of reacting with anger however, this amused him that they had the gall to do so and responded by letting the Accords continue.[2]




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