Drew Tanaga

Drew Tanaga
Affiliation Clan Fire Mandrill


Drew Tanaga was a Star Colonel from Clan Fire Mandrill that rose to be Loremaster of the Clan in 3059.[1]

He was the commanding officer of the 1st Battle, though day to day operations on the unit were led by acting Star Colonel Zachary Bush.[1]

He was also head of the his Clan's Watch along ilChi Jas Keller. Though they tried, true to their nature the Fire Mandrill Watch was fractured along Kindraa lines, and what intelligence agents they have among the other Clans - captured Mandrill warriors being their typical uncooperative selves - report what they hear to their Kindraa only. Efforts by the Khan to centralize his Clan's Watch have failed despite direct orders, and not a single operation has been successfully carried out. Since the Fire Mandrill's alliance with the Blood Spirits, however, attempts have been made to reform their Watch, and in a rare spirit of inter-Clan cooperation the Blood Spirts have become overall administrators for the crippled program, providing a reliable central command in exchange for greater access to the larger Clan society.[2]


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