Elric von Steffelbus V

Elric von Steffelbus V
Born 3017
Affiliation House von Steffelbus
Profession Count of Islington
CEO of Interconnectedness Unlimited
Parents Elric von Steffelbus IV (father)
Spouse Verena Bannson
Children A daughter and a son

Elric von Steffelbus V (born 3017) is the current CEO of Interconnectedness Unlimited.[1]


Much like his father before him, little is known about the almost totally reclusive Elric von Steffelbus V. His very birth and existence was unknown for many years until his mother attempted to present him to Elric the elder around 3025, only to be turned away without question.[2] Count Steffelbus IV would finally publicly acknowledge the legitimacy of his son and introduced him as his successor to head IU in 3035.[3]

Directly after this announcement the younger Elric adopted the same level of secrecy as his reclusive father, his participation in an annual religious festival outside Granite Falls on Rosamond his sole public exposure outside the Steffelbus estate.[1] The younger Elric finally took over the company following his father's death in 3039, starting a period many saw as the beginning of the demise of Interconnectedness Unlimited. While some blamed the younger Elric for this decline, many observers pointed to evidence of top-notch management and the brisk sales of poorly performing divisions as proof he was the equal of his father, the company only faltering when encountering unexpected outside interference and mudslinging rumored to be triggered by ComStar.[3]

Since the outbreak of the Word of Blake Jihad Elric withdrew totally from the public view, last seen in public in 3068, with only IU board claims that he was alive and still in control of Interconnectedness Unlimited the sole evidence he was not dead. One possible reason for this behavior was for fear of an imminent attack such as the one made against his estate by assumed to be Blakist forces in 3079.[1]

Marriage and children[edit]

Despite his reclusive nature, Elric is known to have married Verena Bannson in 3049 and fathered two children, a daughter and son.[3]


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