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Hal's Heinous Halberds

Hal's Heinous Halberds
Disbanded 3068
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command

Hal's Heinous Halberds were a mercenary unit described as an armored battalion,[1] including at least one full company of assault tanks.[2]


In September of 3068 they were part of a group of mercenaries hired by one Mr. Askai for an attack against Gienah, specifically the Gienah Automotive and Gienah Combat Vehicles sites.[2]

While the mercenary forces gathered at the Gienah jump point, Hal's Heinous Halberds arrived almost a week late, only to suffer a total failure of the power plant on their Gazelle class DropShip—the vessel carrying the assault tank company, though it remains unclear if they even had more than this one DropShip—which delayed the burn in-system even more. During the wait, additional mercenary forces appeared and ordered the mercenaries already gathered at the jump point to surrender (they were all on the same side, but the newly arrived force thought those still at the jump point must be an interception force). This caused limited combat action among the mercenaries that caused casualties, and two outfits hijacked a JumpShip and fled. Hal's Heinous Halberds immediately surrendered, then un-surrendered when the misunderstanding was cleared up. At least some of their fellow mercenaries lost any respect they may have had for Hal's Heinous Halberds, referring to them as "idiots" and "a bunch of clowns".[2]

One Fury-class DropShip was 'plugged' in a skirmish with aerospace fighters during the chaos at the jump point; unclear wording suggests it may have belonged to Hal's Heinous Halberds.[2]

The mess at the jump point had also ruined the cooperation among the various mercenaries conducting the mission.[1] They did carry out the attack successfully, but found stronger-than-expected resistance from the militia and corporate security.[2] Mistrust, poor coordination and communication failures among the mercenaries allowed late-arriving reinforcements in the form of Kirkpatrick's Invaders to destroy Hal's Heinous Halberds by December of 3068.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Hal's Heinous Halberds



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