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Jena Norizuchi

Jena Norizuchi
AffiliationClan Ice Hellion

Jena Norizuchi was a Khan of Clan Ice Hellion.


The Secret Trial[edit]

By the end of the Golden Century the Ice Hellions had regained much of their former strength and successfully erased the stain of the Moore scandal. The Clan also became enthusiastic Crusaders, with Khan Jena Norizuchi eloquently leading the call to return to the Inner Sphere to reclaim it. The Wardens, led by Clan Wolf Khan Kerlin Ward, successfully held off the threat of invasion when they managed to pass the Dragoon Compromise in 3000. So furious was Norizuchi at "this disgraceful excuse for action" that she stormed out of the Grand Council chamber, after much admonishment and veiled threats.[1]

In private she confided to saKhan Ernest Wick her intention to defy the Grand Council and lead the Ice Hellions in an invasion of the Inner Sphere by themselves. Wick begged her to reconsider, saying it would result in the Annihilation of their Clan, but she refused to hear his pleas and began preparations for the assault. In desperation Wick gathered the Clan's senior officers to relay to them their Khan's plans and his intention to challenge her to a private Trial of Annihilation, stressing its secrecy so that the other Clans would not learn of it and either Absorb or Annihilate their Clan.[1]

With the backing of the Clan's Beta Galaxy Wick confronted Norizuchi and Alpha Galaxy on Hector, and for the second time in Ice Hellion history one Khan fought against the other. In the most commonly accepted version of what transpired, Wick challenged Norizuchi for the mantle of Khan. When she refused the challenge he warned her to defend herself regardless, and in the resulting bloodbath that followed Wick prevailed, though only a single Cluster of his survived. Less common versions of the story have Wick, accepting that he could not defeat Alpha Galaxy in open combat, launching a surprise attack in order to guarantee victory.[1]

Regardless Wick moved quickly to seize control of the Clan and to hide the truth from the Grand Council, attributing Khan Norizuchi's death to a Bandit Caste attack and the weakening of Alpha and Beta Galaxies to retaliatory raids and extensive bandit sabotage. Some of the other Clans were skeptical of such claims but took no action, and the Ice Hellions were successful in hiding the truth from the rest of Clan society for nearly six decades.[1]


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