Lenore Kurita

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Lenore Kurita
Character Profile
Born 2386[1]
Died 2436[2][1]
Affiliation House Kurita
Parents Nihongi Kurita (father)
Siblings Robert Kurita
Marika Kurita
Sanyu Kurita
Parker Kurita
Saigo Kurita

Lenore Kurita (born 2386 - died 2436) was the last child of Nihongi Kurita.


Early Life[edit]

Lenore was sold into slavery by Nihongi Von Rohrs shortly after he assumed the position of Coordinator in 2421.[2][3]


Lenore would die in 2436, after 15 years of unspeakable treatment, and killed for sport by her latest owner, a minor "noble" of the Periphery.[2][4]


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