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Quicksilver Mongoose (Individual Du Shi Wang-class WarShip)

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Quicksilver Mongoose EDGoldenCentury.png
Quicksilver Mongoose
Vessel Profile
Previous names Jasmine Liao
Type WarShip
Class Du Shi Wang

Description & History[edit]

As the Jasmine Liao[edit]

The Quicksilver Mongoose was a modified Du Shi Wang-class battleship that was built by the Capellan Confederation and originally named Jasmine Liao. It was active from at least 2765, but was likely constructed closer to 2380 when the Du Shi Wang-class was launched.[1][2] The ship was captured by the Star League prior to SLDF's Liberation of Terra. It became part of General Aleksandr Kerensky's Exodus Fleet in 2784.

In Service of Clan Mongoose[edit]

After the formation of the Clans in the Pentagon Worlds, the ship became part of Clan Mongoose's WarShip fleet. Renamed the Quicksilver Mongoose, it was rebuilt by 2844 with Clan technology and made the flagship of their fleet. In the Clan's Trial of Absorption in 2868, the ship's most noted action was against the Clan Smoke Jaguar fleet around Circe. The Quicksilver Mongoose was able to conduct a crippling attack against the Jaguar flagship, the McKenna-class battleship CSJ Obsidian. This would be its finest moment, as the struggle above Circe seemed to finally have turned in favor of Clan Mongoose, allowing the cruiser-based Mongoose fleet to regroup and press the attack again. However, a Jaguar destroyer, the Lola III-class CSJ Storm Cat, managed to cripple the Quicksilver Mongoose shortly after its successful attack. Battered and leaking atmosphere, the crew watched as the rest of the Mongoose fleet struggled to maintain the momentum the Quicksilver Mongoose had given them. In the end, the remaining four WarShips of the Mongoose fleet surrendered to the Smoke Jaguars.[3]

Clan Smoke Jaguars and Beyond[edit]

After the Smoke Jaguars' absorption of the Mongooses, the ship was mothballed in the Strana Mechty system by the Jaguars. Prior to losing contact with Inner Sphere, the ship was known to still be there.[4]

Armaments & Capacities[edit]

Clan Mongoose refitted her with Clan technologies, increasing the ancient design's firepower. The designers began by doubling the ship's front-arc capital weaponry with eight Heavy and four Medium Naval PPCs on its bow. On its sides, the ship's Class 45 Naval Lasers were augmented by a pair of Light Naval PPCs per arc, while adding a few more NLs per arc. The ship's aft remained the same with its pair of Medium Naval PPCs.

The designers added standard weaponry to increase the ship's self-defense abilities against smaller Aerospace fighter attack, with sets of Large & Small Pulse Lasers in all its arcs.

The ship's fighter complement of Aerospace Fighters was increased by 5 Stars.

To manage the ship's additional weaponry heat, the ship's original 2,100 single heat sinks were swapped for 2,700 double heat sinks.


  • Bay 1: Fighters (50) 6 Doors
  • Bay 2: Cargo (53,627.5 tons) 4 Doors
  • Bay 3: Cargo (55,000 tons) 4 Doors

Ship Notes[edit]

  • As of this writing, it is unclear what type of armor the ship employs due to the record sheet from Era Report: Golden Century not stating what type of armor it carries.
  • The ship is also noted as being the only known surviving member of the Du Shi Wang-class battleships that still existed as of the Jihad.[5]


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