Richard Timms

Richard Timms
Affiliation House Timms
Profession MechWarrior

Richard Timms was a MechWarrior piloting a Vulcan BattleMech in the Third Davion Guards during the Fourth Succession War. [1] [2]


Richard was the last heir of the famous Federated Suns based House Timms, after he was wounded and unable to father children. Timms' situation was further compounded when he was diagnosed with Bethold Syndrome, a disease eminently treatable during the Star League era, but all but incurable during the LosTech depleted Third Succession War period. Being the last of his line and with his health declining with only a few years left to live, Timms sold all the remaining family lands to maintain an extravagant lifestyle and keep his Vulcan in perfect working condition. With doctors forecasting he'd likely die shortly after 3028, Timms' superiors in the Third Davion Guards welcomed his 'Mech and his skills but saw little future value in him as his health increasingly worsened.[1] [2]

Like so many people within the Inner Sphere, Richard Timms' life would be changed for the better by the Gray Death Legion's discovery of the Helm Memory Core. With a copy of the core reaching the New Avalon Institute of Science, among the first technological wonders recovered was a cure for Bethold Syndrome. Given a new lease of life, Richard continued to serve in the Third Davion Guards.[2]

Richard participated in the failed attack on Vega during the War of 3039.[3]


Timms was a noted Vulcan pilot.[1][2]. As of 3039 it was modified to with additional Flamers at the expense of the Machine Guns and Medium Laser.[3]


In 3039, Richard was a Veteran level MechWarrior.[3]


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